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Gmail brings new features with its 15th anniversary

This first of April
the email platform highly loved by everyone, Google Gmail, I turned 15 years of service
Internet users
and to take advantage of the long tablecloths, include a pair
of quite interesting features for your web and mobile platforms.

Mail programming arrives

Thanks to this function, users will stop using third-party software to send an email at a certain date and time. Under the slogan of Write now, send later The company intends to help us be productive even when we cannot face our computer or smartphone. Simply click on the tab located in the Send button to make use of this comfortable function.

Save time when writing

Basically it is a system that through neural networks can predict in a certain way that it will be what we will write based on the subject of our mail, the recipient and the first words we write on each line. Google notes that its function called Smart compose help people save time writing more than 1 billion characters every week on the web and that they are happy that this reaches smartphones with Android and soon to iOS. The languages ​​it supports are: Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Tell us below that you have found these new features of Gmail and if you have already been able to experience the use of each of them. We are reading.

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