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Galaxy S11: Features, price and launch. Samsung Galaxy S11: rumors


With the Galaxy S11, 5G can begin to become more standard than in the Galaxy S10 (photo).

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The Samsung Galaxy S11 arrive surely in 2020 as the evolution of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 5G They have stolen much of the market attraction in recent months.

Although these cell phones arrived just a few months ago and many more are missing for the Galaxy S11 to launch, there are already some rumors related to the Samsung cell phones of 2020. Here we collect the main rumors and what is expected at this time of these cell phones.

Name: Galaxy S11?

Samsung's global marketing director, Wong Jeong, said she was worried about using the Galaxy S11 name for the next generation of successor phones of the Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, Galaxy S10E and Galaxy S10 5G, according to the Korean publication The Bell.

Even, the company will consider until leaving the name "Galaxy" to simplify the name of the devices.

This is not the first time that the name of Samsung's flagship phone is called into question, since months before the launch of the Galaxy S10 The possibility that the company changed the name structure of that renowned series had also been rumored. But, as you can see, it did not happen, so it is still unclear if it will happen with the next generation.

Launch and availability

At the moment, nothing has been heard about the launch of the Galaxy S11 (probably in Unpacked 2020), but remembering the launch of its predecessors it is normal to expect its launch to occur in February and later in March.

The Galaxy S10 were presented at the end of February at an event in San Francisco (before MWC), while the Galaxy S9 were presented at MWC in Barcelona and the Galaxy S8 at the end of March at an event in New York.

That said, it is possible for Samsung to decide to launch the Galaxy S11 at MWC or a week earlier as it did with the Galaxy S9 and weeks later they will be available.

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Versions or models

It is not clear if Samsung will keep the Galaxy S11 in four versions as it did with the Galaxy S10, but if that is the case, a Galaxy S11 version, another Galaxy S11E, another Galaxy S11 Plus and another Galaxy S11 5G will be expected.

However, if 5G is more established in the market and the costs of the additional components have been significantly reduced, it is possible that the Galaxy S11 5G cell phone does not exist but that technology already begins to be implemented in all cell phones or at less on the Galaxy S11 Plus.

Galaxy S11: Price

As several versions of the Galaxy S11 are expected, it is expected that there will be options for different budgets.

The price could be similar to that of the Galaxy S10 or even increase if they decide to integrate 5G into more cell phones.

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Features of the Galaxy S11

The rumors of the Galaxy S11 so far are coming and that is why there is not much related information.

However, with the arrival of the Galaxy A80 Samsung removed the traditional headphone jack and on some occasions the company has brought some of the novelties of its lower series to its flagship phones.

Even the rumors of Galaxy Note 10 They have indicated that this or those cell phones will not have the traditional headphone port, a feature that can also be reflected in the Galaxy S11.

That said, it is possible that the Galaxy S10 are Samsung's latest flagship phones with a traditional headphone jack (3.5mm), especially when the company launched the Galaxy Buds This year as a great alternative to use wireless headphones.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S11 is expected to integrate a new Snapdragon and Exynos processor, perhaps Snapdragon 865 and Exynos 9830, processors that have not yet been announced and we do not know if they will be called as.

According to the Chinese publication Sina, the Galaxy S11 processors will have a new 5nm architecture, more advanced than the 7nm architecture found in the Snapdragon 855 and 8nm of the Exynos 9820 that are present in the Galaxy S10.

In addition, the 8GB of RAM could be the basis for all Galaxy S11 (not just the regular, the Plus), while 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage could be present in more than one unit. Currently, the Galaxy S10 Plus is the only one that can be purchased with 12GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, in addition to integrating a ceramic body in that version.

Also, the Galaxy S11 will run Android Q, since once this version is presented that may be Android 10 will be available for a few months.

As for the cameras, the Galaxy S11 can integrate more ToF sensors, or at least more models. The S10 5G was the only one that has integrated this class of sensors in the latest generation so that this could be transferred to more than one model in the new generation.

In addition, Samsung is expected to integrate a formal night mode in the Galaxy S11 and the ability to record video with blurred background through more models.

The main camera may also have the sensor 64 megapixels or 48 megapixels that Samsung presented in May.

Another feature of the cameras will be the possibility of offering 5x optical zoom, since @ universeice said that Samsung developed that kind of sensor and although it says that it would not be used in a company flagship phone, it is possible that the company will release it in a Galaxy A cell phone so that it later reaches flagship phones.

The size of the screen and news that these cell phones may bring into the design are unknown, but we will update this article with information on the most important rumors.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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