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Free applications that were previously paid, go for them or disappear

What a shorter week, right? It seems that two days have passed since the previous weekend and notice: it is Friday again. It's what the holidays have during the week, they make it much shorter. Just like having a lot of payment applications at zero euros: give almost the same joy. Or more, that the selection of offers that we bring you today is of remarkable quality.

As specific offers that are, all we bring you in this article are likely to recover the original price soon; so you probably go to the Google Play and they are no longer on sale: as of the publication of this article, all the software reviewed maintained the relevant discounts. Hurry up: this is the only way you will get all the apps and games.

Free Android Apps

Free Android Games

Free Android customization applications

Do not think that the party of discounts is over, we still have discounts for you. They are not zero euros, but that is not an excuse to get away from the following apps and games: you will not regret if you get them.

Learn Japanese – Read and write

The title says it all: this is an application with which you can learn japanese simply and progressively. The difficulty level adapts at all times; and his teaching method is as didactic as it is entertaining, perfect for not losing motivation. It has a 52% discount.

Poweramp Full Version Unlocker

One of the best audio players for Android: with it you will listen to your music with the best quality and with great sound customization options. The unlocking key of the Poweramp Pro version It has a discount of 78%.

Evoland 1 and 2

Both are essential games for RPG lovers: in Evoland It is such a review of the genre that playing them is a leap in time. High quality, great extension and an unbeatable price:% less.

Star Wars ™: KOTOR

Knights of the Old Republic moved as is to Android from the PC and consoles, it is a great RPG game set in the universe created by George Lucas. Download it with a 69% discount.

Asmodee Digital games

This developer has put her catalog on offer so that you download to your mobile a huge collection of games with great discounts. The sales are around 60%, all about high quality games and very well valued.

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