For Netflix, Fortnite is a greater threat than HBO or Hulu

For Netflix, Fortnite is a greater threat than HBO or Hulu

addiction fortnite videogames phoneNetflix has seen its competition grow in recent years by leaps and bounds. Now he not only faces streaming services like HBO, Hulu, or Prime, but also other options such as CBS All Access and the next Disney +. However, none of them is as important to Netflix as YouTube, and everything is thanks to Fortnite.

In a letter to its shareholders, Netflix said it is competing with Fortnite videos on YouTube rather than with HBO services. This, says the company, was verified during some periods in which YouTube services were briefly disconnected due to some internal problem. During those periods of time, Netflix's audience increased dramatically, presumably as a second option for those who can't see their favorite Fortnite video creators.

"There are thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented market fighting to entertain consumers, and to lower access barriers for those who want great experiences," Netflix said. "Our growth is based on how good our experience is, compared to all other time experiences at the head of a screen that consumers choose."

However, it is not only on YouTube where Fortnite dominates. The game also has many followers on the Twitch live streaming platform, where more than 37 million people follow the content. It is usually the first or second game on the site in terms of audience, and it is only occasionally that you lose this status when another game is running in a competitive event.

Fortnite is likely to be a concern for Netflix, as its popularity continues to attract a large number of players. In November, the total of 200 million players exceeded, and continuous updates add new modes, weapons, devices and masks to the game for those who return every week. Its recently launched creative mode also gives players the ability to create their own levels to make custom fights, all without spending a penny, and is available on all platforms, from Xbox One, PCs, to Android phones .

However, this does not mean that the Netflix audience has not been stellar. The movie Bird box, with Sandra Bullock, it became a viral success almost immediately after it was available (although it gave rise to challenges or challenges that pushed the company to issue a warning against it). It is reported that more than 80 million households saw the film in its first four weeks, and Netflix's paid membership has increased since the same time last year, which seems to remain faithful even though the company recently announced its biggest price increase.

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