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First images of what would be advertising on WhatsApp

Advertising in free applications
It is common to see each other since they have to be maintained in some way or with micro transactions, but it's not the
however, one of the applications that is currently free and
Without any advertising is WhatsApp.

And yes, remember that the app started charging
one dollar a year, but time after being acquired by Facebook, that charge
It was removed. We've been listening for a while about that soon
we will have publicity within the application and it is now that the
first data in the form of an image of how this would be.

Very Instagram style we can see in the images uploaded by Matt Navarra on Twitter that WhatsApp will integrate quite subtle publicity into the stories of our contacts. Personally, these types of ads do not seem annoying in comparison to those who suddenly jump in your face.

This feature says the tweet will arrive until 2020 and it will also contain
a greater interaction of Instagram and Facebook with the messaging app in question.
This in the form of links that will take from these social networks to the profile of
WhatsApp Business of companies or businesses, as well as catalogs that could
View on Facebook and WhatsApp.

It's all for now, hopefully have more data on this in the future. In the meantime, let us know in the comments that you think about this new WA feature, we are reading.

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