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Facebook, WhatsApp and instagram will work on Huawei normally

Much has been said in Tecnocat about the issue of Huawei and more than touching the subject we always inform users of the events that are happening.

One of the US companies that also join the rules for the USA is Facebook, who withdraws its support for Huawei on its future devices. But it will never prevent these applications from being installed via APK in case a Veto happens by the company.

The main theme is as follows. There is always the panic and bad information in different sources, which mention that the most common social networks and used by all users as is Facebook, instagram and WhatsApp They will no longer work on Huawei terminals.

But we must not be afraid and get carried away by bad post. Through a statement that Tecnocat has received from Huawei mentions that the applications of being a public domain Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp will continue to function normally.

So you do not have to worry and be alarmed because social networks will continue to be updated through Google Play and work normally …

Let us know your opinion about. What do you think of the Facebook veto to Huawei?

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