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Everything you need to know about Magic Leap One mixed reality lenses

At the end of 2017, the company Magic Leap revealed its product that for several years, has been so mysterious and for which, large companies such as Google and Qualcomm bet on investing large amounts of money.

His name is Magic Leap One, and they are virtual and augmented reality lenses for developers that the company already has available in the market. Finally these mysterious lenses arrived, but they are not for everyone.

Mixed feelings

There are several people who have already had the device in their hands but the analysis of one of them stands out for two factors: the first is that it is Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus, the device for virtual reality. In his blog, Luckey destroys the device saying that it is "a tragedy", indicated that it is a fashion device that is not functional for developers. In addition, it states that in its current state it is more similar to the first versions of the Hololens than to anything else.


For starters, they are quite expensive, priced at $ 2,295 dollars, which makes it more expensive than HTC Vive Pro or Oculus. Also, only be available in some cities in the United States: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

But if you are a developer, these lenses will be even more expensive. For an additional $ 495 dollars, you can purchase a “Professional Development Edition” that includes other resources so you can work with the device.

Physically, these augmented reality lenses look quite ordinary and few discreet, but hopefully their property of integrating computer graphics in the real world makes it worthwhile to wear these flashy devices.

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The company has been responsible for highlighting in these lenses three special features, one of which is that it is Lightwear, since it uses the company's “Digital Lightfield” display technology with multiple integrated sensors to collect spatial information.

On the other hand, it offers a light package, which is a hip package with a fairly thick circular belt that contains the calculation that feeds the lenses and connects them to them, and finally, its hand control that can be traced in the space and help users navigate the selections of the mens and the world that Magic Leap is building.

Although these mixed reality lenses, as the company has called them, for having both virtual and augmented reality features, they are quite similar to projects that have been previously launched by other companies. Its large volume design on the front is quite surprising, however, because of the narrow size of its frames, it has begun to question how much expansion these Magic Leap can offer.

The company noted that these lenses, in addition to being handled with their hand control, will use voice, gesture, head pose and eye tracking input.

The platform will come with a new "Creator Portal", which will offer more tools to developers to include documentation, tools and resources.

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