ES File Explorer leaves the Play Store for possible fraud

ES File Explorer leaves the Play Store for possible fraud

In matters of
security Google has been increasingly committed to providing users with the
freedom to browse the store and install applications that do not put in
risk the safety of these. However, it seems that it is not an easy task.

The seriousness in this situation
is that companies take advantage and place hidden advertising in apps to
generate false clicks with the purpose of earning an amount of money to
cost of draining people's battery since this advertising is found
running in the background on smartphones.

The last family of applications
who has suffered these consequences in that of ES GlobalThat may not sound so familiar, but it is who
my favorite file manager belongs, ES File Explorer. The application had more than 100 million downloads so imagine how many do not
I harm this matter.

We do not know if the application will return to the store soon, but it is a pleasure and saw that we are facing today with each app that we install to our smartphone. What file explorer do you recommend for safe use? Did you use this app?

Tell me your answers in the comments, we are reading.

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