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Error 502 What is it and how to fix it?

Cover page Error 502 What is it and how to fix it?

On the internet there is an irrefutable amount of errors proposed above all because of the appearance of the Translation and reception of information directly from a web service.

The latter causes different types of confusion in the network that give rise to such errors, such as error 404, 504 or in this case and of which we speak in this article 502.

This error mentioned above is directly established in what are the web platforms, as they are Google, YouTube, Facebook, and other internet sites Of general relevance, do you want to know what it is and how to solve it? Well, here we will introduce you why this error occurs directly and how to free yourself from it:

Error 502 Google

Google Error 502Do you want to go to Google and you get this message? Well, that means you have Error 502.

Error 502 occurs directly in what are the internal services of Google, this same appears when you want to enter Google Chrome primarily or alternatively to some google service directly with said browser.

The same may be due to several actions, such as:

Download interrupted or damaged software and Google Chrome

We must remember that Google Chrome as a browser has an internal system Like any platform, which must be downloaded to use the search engine primarily.

However, many times when it comes to downloading this same operating system, the internet is interrupted u Some alternate event occurs that does not allow the download to complete.

This results in the main way that the software is damaged, which causes that every time you want to append a search through this browser, error 502 appears.

This same mistake also It happens when the software is downloaded in a non-legal way, since many times this type of system is sold by stores on disks that have a badly coded version and the user when buying and trying to install it causes the error to be created due to the bad installation.

The worst of this situation is the fact that not only the error will occur, but that Google Chrome primarily be obsolete, since navigation cannot be exercised through this medium.

Software Update

As mentioned earlier, Google Chrome has an internal operating system, which just like any other search engine and the same presents constant modifications to adapt perfectly to what the user's demand is today.

These updates usually occur alone, but the problem is given when the user wants to update himself, downloading it directly from Google Chrome on an unofficial website.

Many times, these sites are reliable, the only problem that occurs is when the web pages provide a link that, without knowing it, presents the update with an interruption in the coding.

This interruption in coding does not allow the component to be completely installed, but that the update is registered in the internal code of Google Chrome but without being able to exercise its function of modification.

This last result, that Google Chrome cannot be used, and that, in fact, every time you want to exercise internet browsing, through this same search engine, the familiar error 502 appears.

Viruses in the Google Chrome installation folder

Many times the problem does not come directly with the internal Google Chrome system that has been damaged, but rather It comes from the mother folder that is in the Windows operating system.

Remember, that any component that is installed in the Windows operating system directly has a relationship with your hard drive, so this same one keeps a folder with all the information of said program.

Many times, when an alternate program is downloaded, the computer is infected and the operating system suffers, which immediately Try to block your access with antivirus and different internal protectors.

It is true that the latter mentioned are very good, however, most of the time, if the virus is very strong, It does not eliminate the component, but rather subdivides it to make it more weak.

This causes stay in some sections of the PC, as it is in this case, in a folder located on the local disk of the computer, which is where the information of the PC programs is.

If the same thing happens in the Google Chrome parent folder, it will make every time the virus's internal system activates the virus, it blocks it, and as a consequence that the search engine cannot be used and therefore error 502 appears.

In true science this is the main cause of the appearance of this error, since malwares are, in themselves, the components that do not allow the PC to work correctly avoiding the use of the programs by which it is composed.

Deleting some information from the Google Chrome folder

There are times when it is imperative to enlarge the storage space of the computer to make it faster, which causes in certainty that we have to eliminate components of its internal system.

Many times, without knowing it, what we delete is information that is very useful to us, and that in fact, makes a program in general can work efficiently.

If the aforementioned, occurs with some information from the Google folder, Error 502 may appear when opening the tea finder.

This same thing that will indicate is that simply you cannot exercise navigation because the internal system itself is not ready to boot and exercise its function as a search engine.

You should also know that Many times this is caused by a document removal program, which unintentionally removes different files from the PC that are linked to an alternate application.

Error 502 YouTube

Error 502 YoutubeYoutube is not saved from this error, discover here what are the causes that can lead to occur.

Error 502 sometimes does not occur directly in Google Chrome, but goes beyond and it is placed with the different internet platforms, as it is in this case with YouTube.

You can know that you have this error, mainly because appear on the main screen at the time you want to use YouTube as a seeker

However, other symptoms are:

  • When uploading videos The page crashes.
  • You are denied search entry when exercising the platform.

This may also be due to many factors, one of them being the type of browser with which you are entering the platform directly, since, in fact, there are browsers that have a very poor link with it and cause its use to be unsatisfactory.

It may also be due to if you are using the platform through an alternate application installed on your PC, if so, the problem is no longer the platform, but it may be because the installation of the platform was not completed successfully.

It may also be because the computer is not connected to a home or office internet network.

Or as often happens, to the fact that the mother version of Windows does not have the updated version, which causes the search engine to not provide a proper internet browsing function and generate errors on some more advanced platforms.

However, many times this simple error occurs because the YouTube platform, in itself, is under repair, which results in the moment that all users in general try to access, exit the typical error 502.

Error 502 page

Error 502 PagesIn this way you can see the error 502 on the Internet pages when accessing them.

Sometimes error 502 does not appear predominantly in Google Chrome as a browser, nor on a specific platform, but in general pages of the whole system.

In this case, it is often believed that the one that is basically failed in Google, however, is not so, since if it were this search engine, it would not be possible to carry out any type of navigation since the error will not allow it.

Rather it is something very different, this same error is a fact that occurs when The search server tries to translate the loading action of a page and for different alternate actions it cannot complete the request.

This is basically for a Failure to compare the servers that translate, receive and send the encrypted information of loading internet pages.

That same it looks a lot with what are the pages that have a lot of storage weight, as are the different social media platforms, or also websites in general that present very varied information.

Error 502 solution

Error 502 solutionDo you want to solve the problem caused by this error? Then do it as shown below.

Luckily to all Error 502 presents several possible solutions, However, all in general are very simple to complete and in fact do not compromise any internal aspect of the PC. These are:

  • Clear Google Chorme cache: So that the system clears more as to the storage of the internal navigation.
  • Elimination of the user's internal activity log: Also as mentioned above to make browsing easier, either from a page or from Google Chrome specifically
  • Perform a scan with a default antivirus on the computer: This so that all the malwares that are in it can be detected and thus can be quickly eliminated.
  • Provide an update to either the application or the Google Chrome service in general: So that all the files contained in the server can be refreshed and the actions demanded by the user can be executed perfectly.
  • Provide Google Chrome with an uninstall with an alternate program and then help it install again: This to ensure that the same search engine can be installed correctly and does not present interruptions in its boot coding.
  • Use an alternate browser to Google Chrome: This in case it is a page or website, and it is basically done, as a method of checking that the problem is the PC and not the search engine that is used.
  • Run a file check of the internal Windows component: To verify that all the information contained therein is correct and does not have any kind of extraneous code that does not allow it to work.
  • Undo all updates of the application, platform or google system: This to verify that the problem is not the new version created of this tool but rather the search engine itself.

If none of these actions works for you, then the problem can be basically the computer, which contains some type of component that does not allow you to navigate the platform in a correct way.

Or equally they do not help the internal servers of the internet network to communicate efficiently, which causes a massive failure in coding, and translation of information.

If so, you just have to consult with an expert, so that it can tell you that Windows or the search engine is basically failing and you can progressively reach an optimal solution for such eventuality based on whatever.

Finally, it should be noted that in case this problem is occurring continuously after downloading a program in the PC's operating system, you have to resort to its elimination, so that you can check if it is the one that contains the problem in a basic way.

Knowing all this, you can already know the basic causes of error 502 and also what are the methods to solve it correctly.

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