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Epic Games advances Fortnite season 6 with a DJ flame

Epic Games is a few days after launching the sixth season of Fortnite, which should arrive loaded with a lot of new content and challenges for algaraba of the most fantastic players of the popular title. To warm up engines and prior to its launch, Epic Games has filtered what appears to be an image of a DJ flame, and we will try to decipher this curious picture.

The image was shared on the official Fortnite Twitter account on September 24 and as we pointed out, the character in the image appears to be a flame equipped with a futuristic mask, which includes the nostrils, a visor of considerable dimensions and a space for your ears. As we do not know any human with an aspect that matches this description, we can only assume that you can play incarnating this character when season 6 begins.

fortnite season 6 fortnitellama 720x720

But he hopes that there is more: in another image shared the next day he shows an outlaw woman with her cowboy hat and everything; For those who want to start making cbalas, he wears a ram-like emblem on the front, and has a handkerchief that covers most of his face. Some may interpret some punk rock elements in their style, with studs with spikes that run along the collar of their jacket.

If you can not wait to enjoy this new skin of season 6, you will have to settle for costumes ready for Halloween: as, the Nite Nite ”and“ Peekaboo ”make you a terrifying clown and the“ Cloaked Star outfit "It looks like what you would get if Overwatch Reaper and Batman's Scarecrow had a child together

Game devotees can also entertain themselves outside the console and it is that the popular Twitch streamed, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, has starred on the cover of the last number of ESPN The Magazine, becoming the first time a professional player does. ESPN television networks have recently begun to give more exposure to esports, especially Blizzard Overwatch (the second season of The Overwatch League will be shown on ESPN2, ABC and Disney XD in 2019). Fortnite's sixth season starts on September 27.

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