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Do you want to sell or redeem your phone? Tips to get the maximum value


When reselling or redeeming your phone, follow these tips to maximize its value.

Angela Lang / CNET

A report was published recently where it says that the value of the Galaxy S10 depreciated 50 percent In 30 days, whatever phone numbers lose value the moment you start using them. But, unlike a refrigerator and most cars, you will not keep your phone for five, 10 or 20 years before buying a new cell phone. Most of us choose to resell or redeem our phone when we want to update it. In any case, we all have the same goal: to obtain the most money or exchange value.

The case of the Galaxy S10 is alarming, since Samsung's phone is the company's latest flagship phone and because it was usual that you could resell a device with a few months of use for a good part of the price you paid for it.

Although you have no control over the depreciation rate of the value of your phone, you can keep a good part of the value of the device if you take care of it and keep it in good condition. This is something you should start thinking about now and do not give before wanting to sell it or redeem it. Here are the aspects you should pay attention to.

galaxy-s10-plus-cracked-broken-11 "data-original =" s10-plus-cracked-broken-11.jpg

Breaks like this cost you hundreds of dollars.

Angela Lang / CNET

The cover is key

Yes, it's ugly, but you need one. You probably already use one to protect the delicate screen or the glass back of your phone. Yes, we know that it hides the beauty of the device, but if you want your cell phone to be fine when you want to resell it, a case is the answer.

An advice: Buy a case before you start using the phone. The phones can fall and break as soon as they leave the box.

What to look for in a cover: Full coverage of all sides and a kind of relief between the screen and the edge of the case.

Buy a screen saver right now

Why do you need it: The screen protectors are placed on top of the original screen of the cell phone. Opt for a glass and non-plastic screen protector. There are many screen saver options in operators and in online stores. A good protector can cost you money, but a US $ 30 protector is worth it in the long term and may help you get hundreds of dollars more when it comes to reselling or redeeming your cell phone.

Have a replacement unit: Screen protectors can break when the phone goes down, so it is not a bad idea to have a replacement at hand. If you don't need it when you resell or redeem your phone, you can include the extra protector as part of the package.

Keep the box and all parts

Yes, really: The operators will always prefer to have the original charger, but they may not care so much for the box when you exchange your phone. On the other hand, if you sell it through Craigslist or Swappa, the person interested in the device will want to see the device in the box. Repacking the phone in its original wrapper will make the device more attractive, which will translate into more money.

What do I do with the cover?You can sell it.

iphone-xs-max-unboxing-12 "data-original =" max-unboxing-12.jpg

Do not throw the box.

scar Gutirrez / CNET

Clean your phone before selling it

Cleaning is money: This is an important aspect, whether you sell your phone to a stranger through a reseller like Gazelle or exchange it with an operator or the manufacturer. You will get more money for a phone that looks and works like new.

Because you will not receive payment until the buyer inspects the phone, you may end up receiving less than what you ask if the cell phone does not meet expectations. Clean your phone as it should Before selling it it is very worth it.

And what of the parts?Clean the case and cover with a damp cloth.

clean smartphone "data-original ="

Clean your phone as it should before reselling or redeeming it.

Derek Poore / CNET

Repairing a broken screen may be worth it

Do the calculations: You can end up with more money if you decide to repair the broken screen of your phones before trying to sell or redeem it.

Why bother to repair the phone? The phones with broken screens lose part of their value as they can recondition or disassemble their parts to be recycled or to repair other phones.

How to decide whether to repair or not? Go to a reseller's website or your phone's redemption site to see how they calculate the value of your phone with a broken screen or water damage. And compare this figure with the value of a phone devoid of damage. Then, consider the cost of repair. If the difference that results in the calculation of these numbers is sufficient, then it is worth the trouble to fix the cell phone.

What else do I have to know?

In all cases, you must create a backup copy of your phone and return it to the factory settings before reselling or changing it. This will help protect your personal data, photos and other information you need when you change your device. In this article you will find much more information about how to recycle your phone in exchange for money. "height =" 110 "width =" 196

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