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Discover how to make better photos with your camera or phone

Thanks to smart phones and social networks, photographs have become part of our lives. Regardless of whether or not you have knowledge in the art of photos, you are surely one of the people who take advantage of every beautiful landscape, special event or even funny situation, to immortalize that moment with your phone. However, would you like to learn how to make better photos? So this guide is perfect for you.

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Know what those basic recommendations you should take into account, to take good photographs for the memory and your social networks, without having to have professional knowledge in the field.

Stop taking pictures directly in the sun

Taking good photos under direct sunlight is not only a challenge, it is almost impossible. Therefore, instead of trying to "fix" one of the most difficult lighting scenarios, why don't you hide from the sun? The photos above were taken with the same camera, without any flash. Do you want to know what the difference is? That the picture with the shadow faces was taken in full sunlight, while the other was captured in the shade.

Without a doubt, direct sunlight is very hard, especially for photographs. When we have the sun's rays directly on the head, several unflattering shadows are created, under the eyes of the subject. In addition, if sunlight hits directly in front of the camera, the image becomes a silhouette (that is the photograph where the person or object is dark and the background bright). And the truth is that there are no easy tools or camera settings that can compensate for this effect.

But, we have a very easy solution to solve this problem: just move in the shade. Taking photos in the shade is ideal, even if you are not a professional. Another fairly simple option is to take advantage of a cloudy day, since clouds provide shade essentially everywhere.

An experienced photographer can also use accessories such as reflectors or filters in this situation, but these are not accessories that most amateur photographers carry with them or not?

catHillary Grigonis / Digital Trends

Indoors, look for a window or turn on the light

When you are in a closed place and in low light, a window can be the salvation. However, you must take into account, how and where you use it, so that it can favor your photos and not quite the opposite.

Without a doubt, approaching a window adds more light to your shot, and also helps you avoid blurring. However, it is important that you avoid capturing a photo by looking directly at the window. The most advisable thing is that you are next to it or cover it with your back. But, in the place that you are taking the photograph there are no windows or it is night, do not worry, you can still do something very easy: turn on all the lights in the room. Although not as good as natural light, artificially illuminate a room as bright as possible, help avoid blurry photos.

children playing Hillary Grigonis / Digital Trends

Change your height

How do you take a picture? Probably, you grab your phone, place it near your eyes and shoot, right? Although this way of doing it is not incorrect, we must admit that, if it is quite common, which causes all your photos (no matter where you take them) begin to look the same and look a bit monotonous. And you know why? Because they are all taken from the same height.

But to give more dynamism to your photos, there is a very easy solution and it is: change the position in which you take your photos. By simply kneeling, sitting or standing momentarily on top of something, you can add more dynamism and originality to that photo you want to upload on Instagram. Regardless of what you are photographing, try to look from different angles and find the one that looks best for you. For example, when photographing children, you can kneel or sit down to shoot at the level of their eyes and not yours.

how to make better photos 5Hillary Grigonis / Digital Trends

Stop putting the most striking in the center

Previously, in the time of our parents, it was practically obligatory, to take a photo placing the thing or the person we want to highlight in the center. However, now with the avant-garde and the development of better technologies, that is a thing of the past.

In the past, our main point of photography should be placed in the middle, because it was the deepest and most focused place. But now, thanks to the new cameras, you can focus on the subject, no matter where it is in the frame. Best of all, is if you use your phone's camera, you can simply touch the object on the screen to focus there and that's easy!

So do not hesitate and dare to take a picture with the person, animal or thing to the side. Without a doubt, this detail will make it more original, striking and allow you to examine what other resources you have to liven up the composition of your photograph.

dogHillary Grigonis / Digital Trends

Edit your photos

For most photographers, an image is not created when the shutter is pressed, since the retouching process is still missing. The edition helps photographers put the finishing touches on a photograph to recreate colors more precisely or to evoke the emotion that inspires the shot. But, the most interesting of all is that today, you don't have to be a Photoshop expert to edit your images.

Although Photoshop, Lightroom and other advanced image editing programs offer many functions, amateur photographers can use basic applications, which perform quick and easy touch-ups.

One-click corrections and simple sliders help improve your photos, even if you've never edited photos.

Take more photos

If you want to strengthen your photographic skills, the best thing you can do is practice. Just as when you start playing some sport, how to play tennis, or learn to dance salsa, the more you do it, the more chances you will have to improve quickly.

You don't need a great photo book, to learn how to do it. If you are an amateur photographer, you can simply follow our basic recommendations and make many attempts indoors and outdoors to develop your creativity.

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