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Detected copies of FaceApp that contain Adware inside

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<p><strong>FaceApp is the application of the moment</strong>, having conquered millions of users. Thanks to this application you can see how you will grow, thanks to one of its functions. Due to this popularity, there have already been certain controversies with the app, due to its treatment of user data and the fact that it is a Russian app.</p><div class=

Although the company defends that they do nothing with that data. Another problem, common when an Android app is popular, is that copies arise. It happens with FaceApp too. The network is filling up with copies of the application, which could be dangerous because some contain malware.

Some copies of FaceApp have also appeared on Google Play, which are false. But in other stores, where you download applications in APK format, the problem is greater. There are many fake versions, which in some cases could infect the user's phone that downloads it from malware.

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<p>Therefore, users are asked to take precautions in this regard. So it is recommended <strong>download applications from Google Play</strong> directly, to avoid problems. If you download an APK, there is a good way to know if it is false or not, using this method that we already tell you.</p>
<p>Copies are multiplying with the passing of the hours, due to the current popularity of FaceApp. <strong>In some of them Adware has been detected</strong>, which seems to be from MobiDash and that usually comes out three days after installing the application. In addition, it is very complicated to remove it from the phone, as some users have experienced. This version would have been installed about 500 times already this weekend.</p>
<p>It is not a problem that affects a large number of users, but it is a good warning for those who intend to download FaceApp on their phone. <strong>Better do it directly from Google Play</strong>, using the original app. If an APK is downloaded, scan first to verify that it is the original.</p>
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