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Configure Windows 10 to ask for or not ask for confirmation when deleting a file

Windows Trash

As we work with the Windows operating system, we realize that there are actions that we perform a thousand times, for example, delete – send to the recycle bin – files or directories, for which we may be interested in asking for confirmation not to delete something without realizing it or the opposite and we are interested in not bothering us or making us lose more time.

Setting the option for the recycle bin to ask us the configuration that we want to delete something is one of those possibilities that Microsoft offers us but that users do not finish making use, mainly due to ignorance, so today we are going to see how easily we can ask that the recycle bin ask us for configuration or just the opposite.

To achieve our goal today, we just have to do the following:

Paper bin

  1. Press the right button on the Recycle Bin
  2. Click on Properties
  3. Look at the option called: Show dialog box to confirm removal
    • If it is active: Ask us for confirmation before sending something to the trash
    • If it is not active: Do not ask us for confirmation of any kind.
  4. To accept

With this simple, basic and fast option, we will be managing to configure the system to suit our needs and ask us or stop asking for confirmation when deleting files of the operating system.

This configuration does not affect the option to permanently delete data through Shift + Delete, only to the option to send to the trash, that is, Delete.

As you can see, there are thousands of small actions and configurations that we can carry out to get our system to act in one way or another, but many times locating them is complex and is usually unknown to users in general and today we have brought an example of that, a very basic and simple configuration but we are sure many of our readers do not know.

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