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Bird bnb takes you to the bird house on your tree in 3D

Bird bnb is a new nest management title that has reached Android Eager to be one of the most original titles of the year. Well, on the subject of "bnb" we already know where it comes from; Yes, that platform to rent holiday homes that is forcing people to leave the city center for the high price of rentals.

Here at least they do not throw them and we will have to look for accommodation for those little animals with wings that want to procreate and have a home to live forever; or at least for a season. A very curious and fun title and that does not lack that of good aesthetics, good design and creativity in abundance.

Put that nest to rent for the sparrow or the swallow

Bird bnb is a game that is in beta and is distinguished by its theme. We will have a well designed 3D tree with a portal or reception and a series of lodgings or nests that will be established in the branches as we progress.

Bird bnb on Android

Since these nests need materials in different ways, we will have to plant seeds and collect the litter found near the trunk of our accommodation tree. So little by little we can have more nests and so more variety of birds will come to visit us.

And the truth is that a title that likes. The first for the originality that is to try with those guests, and the second for doing it in an educational way so that we can know details of that great variety of birds that will fly to our tree.

30 bird species await you at Bird bnb

With saying that we have 30 bird species we think we say it all in Bird bnb. Not only will we have to give them accommodation, but, as in any other lodging establishment, we must give them food and even wake them up if they have fallen asleep.

Bird bnb on Android

You have to do everything to receive those 5 stars in reviews and more birds Come to our tree that has become the tourist center of the area. Not only will we have these tasks, but we must take pictures so that they can upload them on their own social networks as a “birdbook” (we have invented this one: p).

All this seasoned with furniture that we will create ourselves, a garden that will become the breakfast of our guests and those decorative elements that turn the daily accommodation into a place almost of the poultry gods. We have to say that all bird species are real, so you can meet nature in situ that we have sometimes lost in the center of the cities.

Even with Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is in fashion and Bird bnb also has it, although a little curiously. If you love each other take a picture with your real pet You can do it in the tree created in this game or just take a selfie with your favorite bird. The truth is that Bird bnb is an experience of its own that deserves to be known and enjoyed.

Bird bnb on Android

Technically it is a game that can be appreciated thanks to the 3D tree. You can turn it, see those nests and meet the receptionists of your luxurious Bird bnb tree. It does not lack that funny touch in the design of the birds and that theme well carried out so that we enjoy a game different from others.

Bird bnb is in beta, so it's open for them to file details and the game experience add integers. You have it for free, although micropayments are not lacking to advance time and thus give that necessary reward to developers, since at least, for originality and creativity, they have been sufficiently cured to deserve something. If your thing was to have a tree with bird nests, it is already taking time to install this Android game.

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Bird bnb

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