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Audio jack on the OnePlus 7? Not likely, despite this picture

One of the most relevant design trends of recent years in smartphones has gone without the audio jack. We focus on the design because the main reason for eliminating it, according to the manufacturers, is that it took up a lot of space, which would be better used for other components.

This is just what OnePlus argued when it was learned that the OnePlus 6T would not have a 3.5 mm jack. And it is not the only brand. Even Samsung has dispensed with it in the Samsung Galaxy A80, a high-end mid-range terminal that we fear, will show us the future of the company in this regard.

But OnePlus already looks to the future with its OnePlus 7 and a leaking case has triggered rumors that it has an audio jack again. But we believe it will not be so, and we explain the reason.

A very particular hole

If you look at the first filtered image, which shows the lower area, the case would have three holes. The first and largest is that of USB C connector. The second, consisting of several holes, would be the speaker.

The third, which is presented as an audio jack in the image, is the only one that is small and circular, but there is a problem. If that were the audio jack (and it seems too small for that), where is the microphone?

If you look again you will not see another hole and although it could be integrated in the charger or the speaker it seems much more unlikely that the fact that what has been said is the audio jack is really a hole to allow the Sound through the case when we talk.

In the second image, which shows the upper area, we see the supposed hole for the motorized front chamber, but also a second hole. This would be that of the noise cancellation microphone and it is that as you know practically all high-end phones have more than one microphone to be able to transmit a better sound quality when speaking, filtering out the external noise.

The OnePlus 7 without secrets thanks to new filtered photos

In addition, if you look at other filtered cases, this hole is seen to be that of the microphone. In this case there is no space for the SIM slot so it will be necessary to remove it when we want to change the phone card.

So, although there is still some time until we verify which theory is more accurate, we believe it is better that you get to the idea that the audio jack will not return in the OnePlus 7.

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