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Apple dabble in the streaming business this year

Streaming is a business that over time has had great success among people. It has brought us series and movies that already give us the possibility of consuming them without having to leave the comfort of our home. There are already several companies that have decided to create their platform and there are some others that are waiting to launch theirs.

One of the companies that will do it this year, being Apple and the thing is so serious that, according to the BBC, they already announced their first co-production with everything and Bill Murray included. The titled tape On the rocks be directed by Sofia Coppola and Apple work together with the film company A24 (Producer of Moonlight, 2016).

It is also known that the apple company is already working with Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey for the creation of original content. It talks about around one billion dollars of investment for the streaming chain that still has no name or official arrival date.

With all this, it is already thought that Apple plans to balance the losses it has had in recent months in iPhone sales, which I honestly think will be somewhat difficult due to the great competition they involve Netflix, Amazon Prime and not to mention the arrival of Disney +.

Anyway, we will bring more information as soon as it reaches us. While you tell us what you think about this Is this service free for users of Apple products? See you in the comment box.

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