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[APK] Download OGWhatsApp 2018 latest version

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Many users use two telephone numbers simultaneously, usually they use one of them for their personal life and the other is for work-related matters, so downloading OgWhatsApp can be very useful.

Its usefulness is that WhatsApp can only be used with a single number By telephone, this limitation is due to the software that WhatsApp developers have integrated into their application.

In view of this, the application of OgWhatsApp, which allows use of two telephone numbers or two WhatsApp accounts on the same device simultaneously, which is why it is extremely recommended.

Download OgWhatsApp

Download OGWhatsAppIt is very easy to download OGWhatsApp, just follow the instructions below

OgWhatsApp has become a highly successful application Among WhatsApp users who make use of two phone numbers at the same time and find it tedious or complicated to charge two phones at the same time and serve them separately.

Because of this, download OgWhatsApp It has become something strongly important for any user who leads a busy life, it is also very simple, since to find this application it is enough to carry out a simple search on Google.

However, to download OgWhatsApp it is advisable to use the official application page, because the download links present in it are completely safe, then you will be able to know the step-by-step to correctly perform said download.

  • To start the download process safely, access the online platform OgWhatsApp officialOnce there, you will see a button next to the technical information of the application that will allow you to download the latest version of the application.
  • It is very important that before clicking on this button you make sure that the option to allow downloads from unknown sources are activated, otherwise, your device will not accept the download for security reasons.
  • It is also important at the time of downloading make a backup from your chats and uninstall or delete the WhatsApp application data on your device.
  • When you have completed these steps, you can start the APK Download for OgWhatsApp On your device, when the download is complete, just install it and you can enjoy it.

As you can see, the procedure to download the APK of this application is very simple and can be carried out by any user without previous experience in downloading programs.

OgWhatsApp 2019

OgWhatsApp 2018Safely download the OGWhatsApp mod and preprate for its benefits

Surely after reading the above in the previous paragraphs you will be wondering how does the application work to finally make the decision to download OgWhatsApp.

If you have this question, continue reading so you can discover how OgWhatsApp works in full year two thousand eighteen.

Then you can see how OgWhatsApp works.

  • OgWhatsApp is a program that when installed on your Android device give you the possibility of using two phone numbers on a single device within the WhatsApp application.
  • The application will work as follows, while the original WhatsApp program will use the telephone number assigned to the SIM card that is inserted in the mobile device when accessing WhatsApp, OgWhatsApp function as a replica of the program.
  • OgWhatsApp carry out the function of a generic WhatsApp by calling it that way, in which, at the time of registering the other telephone number, the corresponding messages can be sent and received to that number without harming the original number in any way.

With this incredibly simple operation, literally you will have two phones in one, and the conversations belonging to your main WhatsApp account will not be affected or have absolutely nothing to do with those belonging to your second account.

Continue reading so you can know in detail the download process of the two thousand eighteen version from OgWhatsApp.

  • You must remember that this application is not of an official nature, so it is not possible to download it from the Play Store, you should resort to app stores unofficial online to get you the file.
  • Knowing this, access your web browser And go to any unofficial app store that you like, if you don't know which one to choose, there are many recommendations about them on Google.
  • Once you are in the unofficial app store that you have chosen, write OgWhatsApp In the search engine, when you find it, you will have the option to download it to your device.
  • You must remember the importance of allowing your mobile to accept files from unknown sourcesotherwise, the download cannot be carried out.
  • The download process is quite fast, once finished, just debers install the application on your device and you can start using it.

Thus, the 2019 version of OgWhatsApp be on your device completely ready for use.

OgWhatsApp APK

OgWhatsApp APKTo install OGWhatsApp on your device, you must first download the APK of the application

As previously mentioned, the APK file of OgWhatsApp It can be found both on the official website of the same, which is easily accessible from Google, as in other stores of unofficial Android applications.

The links to download the APK of OgWhatsApp are very scattered on the network, partly thanks to the gigantic success that the original concept offered by the application had, and partly because of the diffusion it has had on the part of the Users with satisfactory experiences.

However, despite the fact that a simple and very basic search Google can literally throw hundreds of links that promise to give any user who accesses them a reliable download link for OgWhatsApp, many of these are fake.

On many occasions, users want to download the APK files from a computer to prevent their phones from being infected by some malicious file, then you can see the procedure to download the APK

  • In case you want to download the APK of OgWhatsApp from your computer, the process does not differ from the above, the download process will be the same, only vary when transferring the APK to your mobile.
  • Similarly, access the app store online you want, find the application of OgWhatsApp and click on the download button, you can check that the download has started since you can see the process at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once it is finished, it should be transfer the file to the mobile device, you can do this via USB, or by copying the file to an SD card and insert it into your mobile.
  • With the APK on your device, the next step to be locate the folder in which the file is located and start the installation process to use it.

In this way you will have successfully downloaded the APK file of OgWhatsApp.

OgWhatsApp 2019

OGWhatsApp 2017If you prefer to use less updated versions of the applications offered by the web, you can download OGWhatsApp 2019

Thanks to the success of this application, It has not undergone major changes over the years and the operation of the two thousand seventeen versions of the program with respect to the two thousand eighteen versions has not varied much.

Of course, the main opinions and needs of users have been taken into account to add features that optimize the experience of them, as well as making the development within the application much more simple and intuitive.

In the same way, it seeks to keep users with the same level of satisfaction they have with the original WhatsApp application, therefore, the simplified functions or aspects that are added to WhatsApp also reach OgWhatsApp.

Although the 2019 version has presented some improvements over the 2019 version, some users prefer to use the versions that precede itFortunately, the APK of these versions can still be found on the net.

To make you the 2019 version of OgWhatsApp You can follow the following steps.

  • If you want to use an old version of OgWhatsApp, the first thing you should do is uninstall the version you use currently from your device.
  • After that you can find the version of the application you want download in the main download pages of APK files, fortunately, many times these pages do not delete the previous versions of the applications when a new one comes out.
  • When you find the version of 2019 that you want to download, start the process of downloading the file, once it has been completed, you must install the file, done this, you can start using it.

Remember that being an old version, it is possible that some functions or features that you used are not present, so consider these aspects before using a 2019 version of the application.

How to install OgWhatsApp

Once you have found a reliable download link to make this application (which is always recommended to be the official that grants the OgWhatsApp website), and you have completed the download procedure, The next step is to install the APK of the program.

  • To do this, you must first transfer file from your computer to your mobile (if you have decided to download OG WhatsApp from a computer instead of your cell phone).

Also if you used your phone directly to carry out the download, this step will be omitted, once the application is within the memory of your phone, create a backup of your WhatsApp messages (if you want to keep them)

  • When the security backup is complete (just in case you want to keep the information, it is not a mandatory step) delete your WhatsApp data to leave it completely blank.
  • Now, Open the APK file of OgWhatsApp that you have previously downloaded and install it on your device using the installer that is obtained with the same program download from the official program platform.
  • Next, debers rename the file In the mobile device directory, we will rename the file / SDcard / WhatsApp and rename it as / SDcard / OGWhatsApp, if you plan to do it from your mobile, there are file managers who can help you.

However, to carry out this action in a much simpler way, fast and without the need to install any extra application on the device, it is recommended to use a computer with Windows operating system.

  • Next, what you should do is register your WhatsApp account original within the recently installed OgWhatsApp application while the new account you wanted to add to your mobile will be registered in the original WhatsApp application.

This is all you need to do to properly install the OgWhatsApp APK inside your Android device, once you're done, you can already enjoy the possibility of having two mobile numbers different on the same device.

Likewise the other benefits of OgWhatsApp will also be available for you, as they are to watch and enjoy the videos you receive without the need to save them on your mobile, something that is undoubtedly very useful when it comes to saving internal storage space.

OgWhatsApp Plus

OgWhatsApp PlusScale take advantage of the OGWhatsApp mod Plus, we will tell you how to download it in a few steps

OgWhatsApp Plus as such, will be an alternative of WhatsApp Plus for Android, however, although the application exists, it is not known by that name, but as GBWhatsApp, a program that is Exclusive use for Android users.

This program is extremely attractive since offers a number of additional functions to which originally WhatsApp brings, among which are: deactivate the online as well as the elimination of the blue check in the group chats.

If you want to download GBWhatsApp follow the instructions below:

  • First of all make sure that your mobile allows the installation of files from unknown sources and that you have backed up the data of your WhatsApp conversations.
  • In the same way that the OgWhatsApp APK file is downloaded, to get the GBWhatsApp file you have to enter a application download page.
  • Once you have found the file, and clicked on the download option, you just have to wait for it to complete before you can install the program following the steps explained above, and start enjoying this application.

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