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Android Q s show the battery of each Bluetooth headset

Since Apple launched theAirpods,few have been the manufacturers who have not followed their wake and have launchedsimilar models. But there are functions of the AirPods that do not have other models and that, in reality, it is not by the own onesBluetooth headphones but because of the limitations of the Android operating system. Some of them, however, finally cease to exist with the arrival ofAndroid Q at the end of this year.

Bluetooth headphones are not invented by Apple, much less. But the truth is that, withAirpods, the Cupertino company introduced important developments in this category. Your model does not have the two parts connected by cable, it has a battery cover and has proximity sensors for automatic switching on and off –as well as pause and play functions-,or quick access to the virtual assistant. But one of the key developments was theindependent battery control for each headset and case. Something thatAndroid Q finally bring, thanks to the specificationFast Pair

Android Q adopt the Fast Pair specification so we can use our Bluetooth headphones like Apple AirPods

Fast Pair was announced in 2017 as a specification for Bluetooth headphones and speakers. It hasn't been until November of last year when he started taking out, because thenvarious manufacturers They adopted it on their devices. And now, finally, by the hand ofAndroid Q, Google will introduce new forms of control for TWS headphones. The key novelty is, as we anticipated, that in the end users will be able to see theremaining battery not of the set, but of the left and right earphones independently, and the specific indicator of the rechargeable case. Even when the case is closed.

But alsoAndroid Q suppose that users can finally take advantage of the functions ofSearch my device to know where the headphones are, and to reproduce a beep that allows you to find them physically. All this, in addition, with a page ofsettings specific in the Bluetooth section. There will also be equalization settings and full integration ofGoogle Assistant. However, at the moment there are only some models of LG, JBL and a few other manufacturers that have the specification and, therefore, will benefit from these Android Q improvements.

The news of Android Q have been uncovered in its majority, but with each new beta the Mountain View company introduces more improvements. And not until the release of the final version when we will really know all the changes of this new version.

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