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Android Q continue betting on gestures to handle our smartphone

The method of entry through gestures does not represent something new in our smartphones, just something that is being given more relevance in the new versions of Android.

Accessing the camera, turning on the flashlight, blocking the device, putting it in silent mode and accessing our applications are some of the actions that can already be executed through some gestures. More recently, Google implemented this feature for its Android Pie operating system to execute multitasking actions and intersperse between applications.

Now with information from XDA Developers We know that Google is still working on improving gestures specifically for the next version of its system, Android Q. The significant change we will see is about the removal of the return button so that instead of this a right slide gesture is used as seen in the following video:

We do not know how to receive this change yet since the return button is one of the most used daily. There were already complaints about gestures in Android Pie and while you can disable the feature, Google should work to make this as polished as possible. and that it becomes pleasant for users. We'll see what they tell us in the next Google I / O.

Do you like gestures or do you prefer the usual configuration? Tell me your answer in the comment box, we are reading.

XDA Developers Information

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