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Anbox, run Android applications on GNU / Linux operating systems


Today, in the world we live in, we use countless applications in our terminals. However, many of us we would like to be able to use these applications on our computer.

Well, we have always relied on the different Android emulators to use the applications on our computers. But now that is going to end, because, thanks to the tremendous Android community, we will be able to run these applications almost natively on any GNU / Linux operating system.

This It will be possible thanks to Anbox (Android in a Box), which for us to understand each other is a program that creates an operating subsystem within Linux in which the different Android programs and applications can be run.

Anbox, Android applications in GNU / Linux

Anbox is an open source project that allows us to run Android applications on the desktop of Linux operating systems without the need of a virtual machine or an emulator.

This is achieved by placing the Android operating system in a Linux container that allows you to share the kernel, but that uses Linux namespaces to isolate the host environment from the Android operating system. At present is in an alpha state, so we will have a good amount of bugs and accidents.

Applications cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store if not we will have to install the applications by adb. To do this we will have to execute the following command line:

.adb install /path/to/.apk command

How do we install Anbox on our computer?

If your device supports the installation of Snap packages, then all you have to do is execute the following command:

sudo snap install --classic anbox-installer && anbox-installer

As we have said before, Anbox is an open source project, any developer can contribute to the project by following the Github repository. We leave you the thread of XDA-Developers Try this program? Leave us your comments.

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