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All Tricks The Sims 4

Today we are going to take a very brief moment to be able to explain a bit to our users about what is the peculiar game of the Sims 4 and how can they get to perform some kind of trick about this addictive virtual reality, where users can build their dream life online.

Likewise, experts have commented that this new version of the game will represent a simulation video game of the social and life type; So users are facing the fourth installment of this game, which was announced on the date of May 6 of the month of 2013.

However, this interesting game has been released to the public through Microsoft Windows on September 1 of the year 2014 starting in the United States of America, and then become suitable for OS X on the date of February 17 of the year 2015.

Tricks the Sims 4 skills on a PC

Sims 4 1.The best thing about these tricks is that they are so simple that you can learn them by heart.

You can say with great ease that in this part of the article users will achieve place or modify each of the skills In this great game, where you will be able to observe everything relative, being able to be easily in all the different skills in children, adolescents and even adults.

However, a series of steps to follow for those users who are enjoying the services of this great game but who still do not know how to place the keys or tricks of the skills on it are going to be demonstrated:

What could be some of the tricks to activate the skills in Sims 4?

Users have to know that in order to enter any kind of trick regarding the skills in their Sims game, they will have to open their code panel first. Ctrl + Alt + C and then enter the trick called as True testingcheats.

The same trick must be written exactly the same, since otherwise the other skill tricks will not work; However, when everything has already been applied correctly, the user will be able to assign their respective keys that will allow them to increase their level in various skills.

All skills in Sims 4 adults: It should be known that these tricks can be used in both older adults and teenagers in the game.

1) If you want to maximize all the Parental Fitness the command combination must be written Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Parenting 10.

2) If you want to maximize the Dance skill the user will have to write the command combination Stast Set / Skill / Level Minor / Dancing 5.

3) In order to maximize the Wellness Skill (This could be used for example when the Sims is in the Spa), the command must be written Stast Set / Skill / Level Major / Wellness 10.

4) In order to maximize the Bowling Skill, the user has to type the command Stast Set / Level Skill / Bowling 5.

5) If the user is a kitchen lover and wishes that his Sims can increase his level to a maximum level at the time of cooking he must write the command Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Homestyle Cooking 10

On the other hand, in case the user wants that cooking skill to be taken to another level and even to another type of food, just like the gourmet, the user will be able to assign the command of Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Gourmet Cooking 10 in order to increase their level of gourmet food.

6) In case the user wants his avatar to become a Bartender, this will be able to maximize your Cocktail Skill through the command of Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Bartending 10.

7) In order to make the Sims become comedian the user will have to place the command Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Comedy 10 to achieve increase all the comedy ability of the sims.

8) If you want to increase the level of Manual Skill Skill of the Sims, the user has to assign the command of Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Handiness 10.

9) With this trick you will be able to increase the Physical exercise skill of the avatar, and for that you have to place the command of Stats Set / Level Skill / Fitness 10.

10) If the user wants his Sims to become an animal lover, he can assign the command of Stats Set / Skill / Level Skill / Dog 5, so that this increases to a maximum level all the Pet Training Skill in the game.

11) There is a great possibility that a user wants his avatar to be a first-rate writer and in order to make this possible, the command to add Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Writing 10, because that is going to increase the entire writing level from Sims.

12) When a user wishes to return to his Sims an entire photographer this adds the command of Stats Set / Skill / Level Major / Photography 10 so that with that the level of photography is increased.

Tricks the Sims 4 on other consoles

Sims 4 2.Do you use another console to play sims 4? No problem, you can also place keys in that game.

Users should know that this game does not become exclusive for computers, because this can also be enjoyed through other consoles, such as Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so that with that you can develop each command whereby some trick can be assigned.

For other consoles should some type of code be added before adding a certain trick?

You have to keep in mind that for all versions on different types of consoles of this peculiar game you have to add a given code before wanting to add any type of secret key that manages to benefit the user of the game.

However, each console has a specific and unique type of sequence, which will be the following:

  1. A) If it is a PlayStation 4 console, press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.
  2. B) If it is an Xbox One console, press LB + LT + RB + RT.

It should also be noted that, in case users want to add the special tricks of this game on these consoles you will have to add the code of TestingCheats On, and finally any type of combination is added to the user's taste to be able to fulfill their certain tricks.

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