A great change for the purchase of apps on Google Play

A great change for the purchase of apps on Google Play

Google Play is located
Tested for multiple applications that aim to serve each of
the needs of the public to which they are directed. We have several that
they give us their services for free, but there are also many more than just
Through a payment they let us use their best features.

One of the obstacles that
more difficult to access these applications in its premium mode not the
it represents money since many are really cheap, however, the fact
having to pay with a card or through PayPal is quite
cumbersome for many people. This is why Google has presented a
Solution to this in one of your I / O 2019 conferences.

Pending Transactions for Google Play

Pending Transactions
in its translation into Spanish is the new function of the store that allow
users buy applications, movies, books or games without making a
payment immediately and can wait to go to a store or bank where
Accept payments for Google and obviously the product does not appear on the
library until such payment is processed.

They are still pending
to reveal on which sites these payments could be made, but in the case of Mexico surely the already will be included
famous OXXO
. Stay tuned for information as our country together
with Japan be the first to receive this functionality.

In the meantime let us know in the comment box that you think of this new function that will be added to the Android store, we are reading.

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