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10x optical zoom, presented by OPPO # MWC2019

The first presentations in Barcelona have already started and in the first place we have had something very expected. The Chinese company OPPO has long announced the work it was doing in order to bring to the market a camera sensor that had the most powerful optical zoom ever seen, one with up to 10 magnifications.

If you don't know what the term Zoom Optic means, I'll explain it quickly. This system aims, through an array of lenses in the camera, to approach the images we want to photograph without having a hint of loss of quality in the final result. In past days we even saw a video with the tests done in Barcelona. Now the company gives its presentation in the Mobile World Congress and gives us more details of this system.

Operation and accompanying sensors

The system has a fully optical operation since it does not rely on any kind of adjustment software goes. It is comprised of an internal periscope consisting of several lenses; A prism is responsible for sending the light through the lenses, enlarging the image more and more. This lens is completely a registered OPPO patent and achieves a focal length of 160 mm.

From the hand of this lens we will have two others. A 48 megapixel sensor that has optical stabilization and a wide angle sensor of 120 to expand the range in which the camera acts.

Finally OPPO mentions that this triple camera Be mounted on a device that arrives in mid-2019 so we have to wait a little longer to see this photographic bestiality in action again.

Tell me what you think about this technology from the Chinese in the comment box, we are reading.

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