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YouTube Originals be free to all

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<p><strong>YouTube Originals is a platform</strong> where the well-known website uploads original own content, such as series. Although the response of consumers has not been the best, forcing them to make changes to this platform. It is expected that from September, it will be free to have access to these contents, which until now were paid. An important change by the web in this regard.</p><div class=

So you will be able to access YouTube Originals for free, although there will be ads present. A way in which the company seeks to promote this platform, which has not been able to find its place in the market in these months since it was launched.

This decision does not affect all content. As they say from the company itself, those new series, movies and live events of YouTube Originals released after September 24, 2019, can be accessed for free, with ads. While premium members will maintain certain advantages.

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Since those with a premium account are going to be able to immediately access each episode that is released from a series. While those who make use of a free account will have to wait a little longer to see it. It is one of the big differences in this regard.

So that it seeks to give more users access to YouTube Originals, but without users who have a paid account will lose their advantages. Since otherwise, nobody would want to have a payment account on this platform. It is a way to arouse interest in it,

The question is whether it will work or not. The contents published on YouTube Originals they do not enjoy enormous popularity, despite the company's many efforts in this regard. So we will see what happens with them, if they manage to have the desired notoriety or not in this regard.

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