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You can now download the APK from Play Store

That, although it may seem, does not mean you can download it to any Android device. No, it only works on OnePlus phones, and they are still the same ones that had Zen mode available so far, the OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 7 and 7 Pro. Although here in Android Help we teach you how to install Zen mode on any OnePlus.

oneplus zen mode play store

Zen Mode in the Play Store

In case you are a little lost or lost and do not know what it is, do not worry, we give you a brief summary. Zen mode is a OnePlus mode that blocks most of the phone's functions for twenty minutes (and up to an hour if you want), leaving only apps such as calls and some system applications such as camera or other things that cannot be available distract yourself from your job or main objective.

The application has the name ofOnePlus Zen Modein the Play Store, and as we have said it is only available for OnePlus phones. But … What if I already have the Zen mode installed in my phone? Do not worry, you will not have to do anything, you will receive an update from the Play Store of the applicationOnePlus Zen Modeas if you had installed it from the Play Store from the beginning.

And what does Zen mode bring to the Play Store? Easy, this way it is easier to keep the updates and add features. Until now, Zen mode was part of the system, so if the people of OnePlus wanted to add something new, they had to wait for some system update to do, and that usually involves fixing bugs and errors, updating the security patch, adding functions , etc. So the process was very slow if they wanted to modify anything.

Now that it is an app from the Play Store it is as easy as updating the application to add any functionality. In addition you will also have more control of when it is updated, by viewing it among the list of updated apps when you have updates from the Google store.

oneplus zen play store mode

What do you think of this policy by OnePlus? We believe it is really useful to have it in the Play Store to update easily!

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