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Withings Move hybrid watch review



one of eleven

Withings Move gives you the basics at a good price and design for all tastes

The good

    Lightweight Cheap Battery lasts 18 months Version Timeless Chic brings elegance

The bad

    Too simple design of the basic version Not very accurate sleep tracking You cannot see the time when it is in stopwatch mode

Score: 7/10

Since its founding in 2009, Withings, the French smart products brand has grown quite a lot. And it is particularly for the watches that the brand has begun to gain relevance in recent years. We have had the opportunity to try two of their watches, more precisely the Withings Move in two variables: its cheaper and sporty version and the Timeless Chic, a more sophisticated edition with the same functions.

Design for various tastes

We must start by mentioning that Withings watches are hybrid and ideal for those who want to continue having an analog clock with smart features. Withings do not offer a digital display to view text messages, although they have looked for ways to get quick access to track your daily fitness goals just by looking at the clock. The cheapest Withings Move offered by the freckle brand of being too simple. However, the brand recently launched a version called Timeless Chic, which adds a new level of elegance to the watch.

If you opt for the cheapest version, you will find a design that is too simple. Its face is round and not very large, which makes it ideal for people who have thin faces. It is an unisex watch ideal for exercise and to wear during the day if your style of dressing is sporty or casual. It has a silicone strap that can be changed but the brand only offers silicone material, which always makes it look sportier. He is quite light and often forgot that he was wearing it. It is nothing uncomfortable when sleeping.

Genevieve Poblano / Digital Trends

However, with Timeless Chic in Blue and Rose Gold, you can get what your younger brother does not offer: a hybrid watch with good design. Timeless Chic uses more premium materials, which make it a bit heavier, although it is something I personally sacrifice to get something with a better design. It also comes with a blue leather strap, which to my surprise combines with almost everything for having a very neutral tone. That said, it is not as cmo to sleep as your sports brother. It also comes with a silicone strap, which will help you keep the leather strap from sweat.

The materials are really the only difference between these watches and but they are enough to justify the change in price and style between one and the other.

On his face we see three needles: one for the hour, another for the minutes and a third that fulfills the function of marking the state of your daily activity. This third needle has a color that stands out in the sports version and marks more precisely the percentage you have walked. At midnight, the needle changes its location automatically and returns to zero.

Withings Move is the most affordable and simple watch offered by the brand, but it is perhaps too simple

The crown of the watch can be pressed to indicate to the watch that you are going to start doing a physical activity. As soon as you press it, vibrate and see how the hands that mark the hour start working like a stopwatch that tells you how much time you have been exercising. The problem is that, if you want to see the time, you will not have how to do it since it involves pressing the crown again so that the hands re-mark the time and this tells the clock that you have finished your exercise session.

One of the great advantages of this watch is that you should not worry about the battery since it works up to 18 months. You don't have to charge it every other day like most smart watches. When the battery runs out, Withings recommends that you take it to a professional watchmaker to change the battery and maintain its water resistance.

If you are not a fan of exercise, but you want to meet a minimum of daily activity in a simple and not very expensive package, the Move can be a good solution, but always taking into account that it has a simple design. The different parts of the watch are available in several colors that you can customize on the Withings website. Some of the colors you can choose are white, black, pink, blue and green.

Little precision in its functions

Like most smart watches, Withings Move come with an application for your phone that is where you can see your activity in detail.

As we mentioned earlier, you can only see the number of steps you have taken in one day with a look at the clock. The rest of your physical activity, as well as the quality of your dream can be seen in the application.

In particular, note that Withings Move does not record the quality of sleep well. You can record well the time you started to sleep, but one day you took a nap did not register it. There was also a night when I didn't sleep well and I woke up every hour, but the next day when I detailed the quality of sleep in the application, there was no record that I would have woken up frequently.

You also notice that the application takes a little time to synchronize with the clock. You can add additional information in the application such as your weight, blood pressure, and details of what you eat through an integration with the MyFitnessPal application.

Worth it?

If you don't want a very complicated activity monitor and don't want to worry about charging your watch battery, Withings Move HR may be a solution for you. It offers a one-year warranty and costs only $ 69.95 in its basic version. The Timeless Chic in the Blue and Rose Gold variant costs $ 149.99 dollars.

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