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Windows 10 allow you to reinstall the computer with a copy downloaded from the Internet

Windows 10 allow to reinstall the computer with a copy downloaded by Internet – LA NACION





Microsoft's operating system will soon have new options to restore the computer

The users of
Windows 10
 You will soon have a simple option to reinstall the operating system through the option of downloading from the cloud, an alternative that does not require a local copy to restore a computer.
 announced the new modality in its official blog by highlighting that it is one of the functions available in the Windows 10 version Insider Preview Build 18970, the test version that the company offers to developers and interested in knowing the new features that the operating system will have of the company.

"The option of downloading from the cloud reinstall the same version and edition that the user has on your computer, and be available for all Windows 10 devices," the company said in an official statement
posted on his official blog.

This is the new option that Windows 10 will add to reinstall the operating system without having to have a local copyThis is the new option to add Windows 10 to reinstall the operating system without having to have a local copy

This mode of reinstalling Windows 10 from the cloud will eliminate all the applications present on the computer, and also remove the user's personal data if the option remove all is chosen.

As a reference, Apple computers already had a
Internet Recovery mode, an option that allows you to download an image from the company's servers to restore the macOS operating system of a computer after a hard disk change.


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