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Why does the Samsung J7 turn itself off and does NOT turn on?

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The Samsung J7 It has been one of the best-selling equipment of this generation, it is a design that users have found very good, proof of this is that it is still sold worldwide. There are users who have reported that their Samsung J7 turns itself off and it is not possible to turn it on more. Although many people choose to leave the device and acquire a new one, the truth is that it has generated some discomfort in the population.

Why the Samsung J7 turns itself off

This can happen for several reasons but without a doubt the strongest reason that makes the Samsung J7 turns off only suddenly and does not want to turn on more It is because of an operating system overhead. This is because many times the use of applications end up consuming too much space leaving the team without resources to function properly then the sudden death happens which is the term by which this fact is known. The phone collapses, turns off and there is no way to turn it on or off and putting the battery back in or connecting it to the charger, the equipment simply can no longer work.

Do not want to turn on the Samsung J7

When the device Samsung J7 It has stopped working for no apparent reason and as if that were not enough, it does not want to turn on again, it is normal that, in the midst of despair, we take it to different technicians and professionals who claim to find a solution that often does not come and that everything can be a lot More economical, easy and effective than we think. Then we tell you what you have to do to get the device to recover its functionality.

The first step is: connect the mobile phone to an electrical outlet using the original USB cable for an estimated time of one hour without interruptions. The phone may not show signs of receiving the desired load but this process is being performed correctly even if it is not displayed.

samsung J7 turns off alone

Once the stipulated charging time that will be one hour has passed, the battery must be removed from the equipment and, in this way, proceed to turn it on, this is possible by applying a factory reset method. To do this you have to enter theRecovery of theSamsung J7 To achieve this, you must simultaneously press and hold the volume keys up, Home and the power button of the device, once the device has been switched on, the Power option in Reboot system Now must be selected in the menu so you can restart the device completely and in a normal way.

Do not turn on the Samsung J7

If he Samsung J7 turns itself offand there is no way to turn it on again or to forcefully restart it or connect it to the computer or the charger or anything since the screen stays dark without sending life signs. What is there is to try to turn it on in another way.

This process involves pressing the power and Home keys at the same time and for a few seconds. In doing so, this allows the equipment to turn on normally.

The Samsung J7 is a great phone with multiple functions, such as connecting to the TV. Do not throw it away if you have this problem, use these tips to solve it.

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