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WhatsApp will bet on the use of its platform without internet connection and on several devices

The immense number of users that WhatsApp has has been unsurpassed by the competition even when it is known that applications such as Telegram have quite striking features and I dare to say that even better than the first. So far we see it difficult to overcome it since its popularity is too much.

We have already commented on new functions that are coming for the application being among them the dark mode that we have been asking for a long time. Recently there was talk about the possibility of using your desktop version without the need to be connected to the smartphone – Telegram style once again – and now is when once again the issue is confirmed from WABetaInfo.

In the tweet cited above the information is more than clear and the arrival of WhatsApp is confirmed for use on multiple devices at the same time and even without an internet connection. With this we could have the possibility of using the application through the mobile phone network as if it were an SMS.

The best thing about this is that these functions can be launched before the end of the year. We must see how it works and especially the experience left in the user. Security of course is an issue that still makes nothing clear. There will have to be some kind of encryption of course.

How about this new WhatsApp bet? Let me know what you think in the comment box, I will be reading.

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