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WhatsApp already allows to block chats with footprint in its new beta

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<p>Months ago it was revealed that <strong>WhatsApp was going to introduce the possibility of protecting the chats with fingerprint.</strong> A function that many Android users expected with great interest, but for which there was no date at the moment. These months we have seen how some beta showed signs of the arrival of this function. Now it is finally a fact.</p><div class=

The new WhatsApp beta allows us to use now this function to protect chats with fingerprint. So it is expected that soon it will be launched in the stable version of the popular messaging application. It is something that will not take long to arrive, meanwhile, we can see how this feature works.

Like when we are going to use the fingerprint sensor on Android, WhatsApp He asks us to register our footprint first. It is done in the privacy section in the application, where we have this new function called Unlock with fingerprint. Once registered, we can already use this function in the application.

WhatsApp fingerprint

It is also allowed to choose how much time do you have to spend since we stopped using the app to be blocked again. In addition, it is also possible to choose whether or not we want notifications to show a small preview of the message. In case we want to avoid curious looks too.

So if we have used this lock in WhatsApp, will have to spend the set time until the application will work again. We will not be able to access unless we use the fingerprint. This moment function does not affect calls, which we can answer or reject without having to use the fingerprint.

Undoubtedly, it is a function that many looked forward to in the application and it is already a reality. For now we can test it in the new WhatsApp beta, with number 2.19.184. It is expected that within a few weeks it will be made available to everyone in its stable version. What do you think about this function?

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