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What is RAM and what is it for? EXPLAINED

Cover page What is RAM and what is it for?

There are certain terms in computer science that we are naturally listening to all the time and we don't know what it is and why they are important. In this article we will explain what is RAM and what is it for today.

This is one of those, especially when acquiring a new phone, among the characteristics that the person visualizes almost never see the importance of visualizing the RAM for what it is. That is why in the following article we will explain a little about what it is, what it is for and why it is so important.

It should be noted that this memory is one of the most indispensable elements in fact, RAM It is the most used at the level of conventional computers and Smartphones and Tablets that we have today.

What is RAM memory for?

RAM memory for what it isYou don't know what a RAM is or what it is for? don't worry here we will teach you all about it.

First, we must know that RAM has a meaning according to its acronym Random Access Memory, which means Random access memory. And this has been the most used technology level in mobile devices and computers.

In general terms, this it is used so that the device or computer has the ability to store instructions and data temporarily. The processor of a computer is considered as your heart, if we come to assimilate and relate these terms, this memory will be the circulatory system.

Ram Memory Types

These they work together to get better performance on our device. It should be noted that it has two types, which are those presented below:

  • DRAM It is a bit slower and requires it to be refreshed many times every second.
  • SRAM in speed it is much faster than the previous one and does not need any renovation.

Both of them they can be differentiated due to the technology they use when storing data and information and the speed with which they perform said operation. However, we can also find that memory can occur in these types:

  • SIMM memory
  • DIMM memory

In addition to that, RAM is what It is responsible for storing all CPU instructions or, well known as Central Processing Unit in a much more efficient and fast way.

The more memory you have, the more possibilities there are that you can open several computer programs at once. That is why It is also known under the name of quick write and read memory.

Besides that, this It is considered a kind of drawer where you can always be accessing by the processor at the same time that it performs its proper work. It is a very important element for all information systems, whether desktop or mobile.

What is the RAM in the cell phone for?

Cellular RAMIn this way a RAM memory is explicitly seen in a cell phone.

RAM is very important in mobile phones, because it is the one that allow access to several applications at the same time without the device slowing down. However, this depends on the amount of memory it has.

A clear example of this is when we have applications open in parallel such as WhatsApp, games, Facebook, among others; and we need a good fluidity in our device.

Today, it is one of the most outstanding features found among the manufacturers of the most important cell phone brands and that is why it is important to know how it works.

What can we do with her?

It is very common that when acquiring a cell phone among the specifications is the capacity of this memory, whether it is expressed in MB or GB. The main function it has is that of achieve the highest possible performance on our devices.

In addition, this serves to be able to have preloaded and prepared all the applications that we mostly use, this in order that the processor of our cell phone does not over-extend completely from the ROM (or storage); in this way the operation is greatly expedited.

In addition, RAM works in conjunction with the processor so that you can review all your notifications, while you also catch up with your social networks, while you are chatting with your contacts and find yourself playing, doing everything at the same time.

Nowadays, the memory of the most modern phones reaches a capacity of 3GB, taking as an example the HTC One M9, the Galaxy S6, the Xperia Z3, the Galaxy S6 Edge, the Oppo Fund 7 and the Galaxy Note 4.

However, there are models such as the Xiaomi Mi Mix2 and the OnePlus 6 that are cell phones that are counting on a memory of 8 GB of RAM, something incredible for many among the technological advances that have arisen in the last years of the Smartphones.

What is Ram memory and what is it for?

ram kingstom memory of a pcThis is how you can differentiate a RAM from a PC.

The RAM in our PC is a small card that It is integrated in the motherboard of this and it is a very important component that we must consider to know.

Is also known as a working memory and the size or capacity that it has will depend a lot on the possibility that you have of accessing several programs at the same time, whether it has a lot or few data.

The computer has a system of finding the data in pyramidal form, in the first stage is the processor cache, which is the first place where the PC begins to search for the required information.

If the information is not found on it, immediately the computer will start its search in the RAM because it is considered as the quick access memory.

Also, if the information is not found in this memory, then the PC will be in search of such data on the hard drive of the computer until it finds these.

That's why it is said that Our computer has three different levels of storage, from the fastest to the slowest access. The smallest size of all is that of cache, but the fastest access.

Why does this influence the performance of my PC?

This greatly influences because The more memory there is, the better the performance we get from our PC., allowing this to work in a more fluid and fast way, avoiding all kinds of interruptions.

Many experts recommend have a computer that has at least about 4 GB of RAM with an operating system that has 64 bits, this is to avoid any suffering of blockages.

If it is a desktop computer or a laptop that is only going to be used for Internet browsing and for office use only, It only takes about 2 GB of RAM to have a good performance.

Why is ram memory so important?

how to change ram memory

Notably, If a computer has an 8 GB RAM, it has a much better chance that many tasks can be performed at the same time in a much faster way than those with less memory. Above all, it works for people who want to integrate games into their PC programs.

It's hard to believe, but it's true, that the graphic environment, the use of the mouse and the wallpapers are functional through this memory, that is why it is important to have a great capacity of it for a better operation of our computer.

Are there differences between types of memory?

Well yes, there are several types of memory and the most common that we can hear and see today are the DDR2, DDR3 and many times we can find DDR4.

The difference that these have is something very important to take into account, because this depends on their speed. DDR3 although considered one of the fastest, tends to present certain delays at times. However, little by little progress has been increased to improve it and acquire them at a lower cost.

What happens if your RAM becomes full?

If you have a full RAM, the device not allowing you to open many more programs at once or working with much more data. Having a limit. Generally, this causes some instability in the system and leads us to constantly restart it.

When this happens, It is recommended that you look for a memory with greater capacity and solve this problem in the best way. In addition to that we can find them with different price ranges, thus adjusting to our pockets.

As information can no longer be stored in this memory, these are transferred immediately to the hard drive of the computer, to start working as a kind of extension of RAM, but being a little slower than this, also known as virtual memory.

What does RAM allow us?

what is ram memoryRAM memory has multiple features, discover them all here.

Already knowing the operation of RAM, it is time to know some of their main features, which will be explained below:

  • It has a great speed for the realization of transmission and data transfer.
  • It takes care of data storage
  • It allows the use of several applications or programs at the same time.
  • Store instructions and data temporarily.
  • The greater the amount of RAM, many more applications and programs can be opened at the same time.
  • It is an element for Nothing expensive
  • They are small cards which are integrated in the motherboard of computers and mobile devices.
  • One of its main characteristics is that it is volatile, that is, it disappears once the equipment is turned off. Differentiate yourself from the hard drive.
  • They are specifically determined to motherboards from where they are integrated.
  • It has different interfaces, among which we have DDR1 (which is currently discontinued), DDR2 and DDR3 (which are the ones being used today) and DDR4 (which is the one that is beginning to be integrated as a new advance ).
  • They allow the Correct storage and data recovery.
  • It is made up of some semiconductors, which are written and read by microprocessors or by any hardware component.
  • It is possible that access to storage positions is done randomly, that is, in any order.
  • The chips that have this memory They are of a very small size and rectangular in shape with a black color. Naturally, these are soldered to plates through contacts or pins.
  • Its location is internal on the motherboard of the equipment.

What is the function of ram memory?

ram types

  • Your capacity may vary and It is expressed in MB or GB. The largest capacity we find today is 8 GB.
  • As the name says, RAM has a random access method, finding in a very direct way any word or byte that is being searched, without depending on another byte or word that was found stored before it. In a nutshell, does not require any secondary access method.
  • It allows the writing and reading of the information contained in it.
  • Memory frequency It is expressed and measured in Hertz or Hz.
  • The access time you have depend on the time it takes to get the information stored in memory.
  • The latency it has is one of the most important, known as CAS or column address selection, which is understood as the time elapsed since a request to read from the memory controller is sent until the selection of the memory is made. column.
  • The BUS or bandwidth is what determine the amount of data transferred at the same time by a determined transmission line or bits.
  • The physical aspect it has is of rectangular shape, very thin with some connectors on its longer side And this number of connectors is to depend on the type of memory.
  • If you have 30 contacts to 72 contacts, it is considered to be SIMM.
  • If you have 168 contacts, it is said to be DIMM and RIMM.

Source: Wikipedia

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