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What is eSIM? Add to the SIM?

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<p>Surely you have heard the word eSIM lately since it is spoken by the web and comments of many analysts. With this concept comes a <strong>new way of understanding mobile phone</strong>, and they are coming <strong>very important changes in the sector</strong>.</p><div class=

Making a little history we remember that The first SIM card was developed by the German company Giesecke & Devrient, which was subsequently sold to the Finnish operator Radionlinja, beginning to be operational since 1991. Is unique for each telephone line, so that the operator you hire must add your identification data as well as the services it offers.

SIM cards are available in 4 different formats: Full size (1FF), MiniSIM (2FF), microSIM (3FF) and nanoSIM (4FF) and its evolution has allowed it to gradually achieve shrink over time. It has been a faithful companion of smartphones and some tablets for some time now, but everything points to the latest movements of companies in the sector that this type of card is giving the last blowsAt least as we know it. SIM cards will start disappear next year and will be replaced by eSIM.

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<p>The <strong>eSIM also known as virtual or embedded SIM</strong> it is the fruit of the work developed by the <strong>GSMA</strong>, an association formed by telephone operators and manufacturers.</p>
<p>The new concept goes through <strong>replace the physical SIM with an electronics integrated in the device</strong>, which will include, among other things, removing a slot to house the same or the disappearance of different numbers with different cards (such as DualSIM devices).</p>
<h2>How will the activation of the eSIM be carried out?</h2>
<p>Now it will happen to become a <strong>online activation</strong>, so from the moment you buy the <em>smartphone</em> in the store this <strong>may be activated</strong>. <strong>And deactivate too</strong> it will be instantaneously in the event of theft or loss of the device. So <strong>there is no physical chip</strong>, which for security purposes is a disadvantage, since a custom physical chip is more secure than its virtual equivalent.</p>
<p>Now that not everything will be inconvenient. If we do not have the physical card, <strong>I don't know how to lose or spoil</strong>, <strong>you don't even need to ask for a new one</strong> if you change phone number or telephone operator. The <strong>long expected</strong> from when you request a new card until it finally arrives at home.</p>
<p>Also forget the inconvenience of your current card <strong>whether compatible or not</strong> With a new terminal you just bought. Look what happened to us, that we have a microSIM card, for commenting on one, and when we are going to put it on our new device it turns out that it is not compatible … Now no matter what, it's nanoSIM, microSIM, looking for an adapter …</p>
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