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We tell you how you can refund skins in Fortnite

If you regret having made a purchase in Fortnite, this guide will explain how to refund skins in Fortnite and other purchases you have made. Fortnite It is one of the biggest games in the world at the moment and it has been during the last year for many different reasons. One of the keys to your success is undoubtedly your wide selection of skins that you can win or buy so that your character looks the way you want. The skins are a badge of pride for some players, a long-term goal for others and a celebration of the phenomenon that Epic Games has created for others, but this does not imply that they may, at some point, disappoint you.

Fortnite It has a refund system where players can submit a refund request form, but there are limitations in this process that may raise some questions that we will see in this guide. However, if you are only interested in the process, do not hesitate to move to the end, where we list the steps to get a refund at Fortnite.


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The issue of refunds when it comes to digital purchases is quite controversial and varied in which brands continue to debate the best way to carry them out. Some stores like Steam only allow limited refunds, while many other companies do not have a single refund policy.

Thus, Nintendo does not grant refunds for any reason, which can complicate things in this case, since Fortnite It is available on the popular Switch. The problem becomes even more complex if we consider that we are talking about an optional in-game purchase as a skin.

It is not necessary that you acquire skins to enjoy the game, a fact that puts your rights in question more when demanding a refund, although the good news is that yes, you can get refunds for skins Fortnite I bought in the game. This will come especially well for players who accidentally bought a skin or if a minor at home used your credentials to buy a skin without your consent.

Fortunately, you can return the skin for the price you paid for it, but there are some warnings associated with this type of situation.


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It is important to keep in mind before starting that there is a limitation as to the items that you can reimburse in the game. You can reimburse items such as skins, suits, emotes, parachutes, etc., and refunds are not limited to the skins you buy at the item store. What you can not refund will be skins or any of those other items that you won through unique events, challenges or Battle Pass.

The general rule is that if you did not spend money or V-Bucks directly on the skin, you cannot reimburse it. Also, you won't be able to return the Battle Pass itself, so make sure you really want it before spending money on it.

The other big caveat is that you can only reimburse items in your account up to three times, not even one more. Once you have reimbursed three items, you cannot refund anything else on that account. And there seems to be no changes in this restriction, so consider it permanent unless Epic Games changes it in the future.

Nor can you reimburse purchases made in V-Bucks – the virtual currency used to buy items – and while you can reimburse the purchase of skis in V-Bucks, you cannot convert this virtual currency into real. Finally, the item you wish to refund must have been purchased within the last 30 days.


You can send a refund request at Fortnite from any version of the game.

Start by heading to the main lobby in Battle Royale. Press the start button or select the options in the upper right corner.

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From here, select the settings icon on the right side of the options. Navigate to the tab farthest to the right. The icon resembles the bust of a person.

This is where you can find your account settings, and you will have to look in the refund request area in the Content section of your account.

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In Content, you will find a detailed paragraph that includes the reimbursement restrictions and the maximum of three valid reimbursement requests that you still have available. Next to that is the option to send a request.

Select this and take you to another screen that shows you all your items that can be refunded. If you discover that there are no items available for reimbursement, you can try to log out of the Epic Games website or open a ticket.

Eligible items shown here have been purchased in the last 30 days and you can get a refund for them. Select the item for which you want a refund and take you to the next page where you will have to choose the reason why you want the refund.

There are three options to choose from and they will not affect the reimbursement. Just be sure to select the one that best suits your situation. If you made the purchase accidentally or want to buy something else, be sure to select it.

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If your child or someone else made the purchase without your supervision and / or permission, be sure to select the unauthorized purchase option. Finally, if you are simply not satisfied with the appearance or do not want the purchase, choose the option “item not as expected”. Once you have selected the reason for your refund, you are taken to a final screen before confirming.

You will be shown the value of the item in V-Bucks so you can know what you will get through the refund. Finally, send the return request. Once the application is sent to Epic Games, it will be accepted quickly and you will find the V-Bucks in your account shortly after.

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