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We face Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video: two streaming giants

Although, unquestionably, Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service for its content and large user community, that does not mean that it is the only option you have when watching good series and movies. Currently, Amazon has also taken pains to offer a platform with original content and many options. Therefore, we think it is important to face Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video in several areas, such as prices, content and additional features and as you know, it best suits your needs.


The Netflix vs. pricing model Amazon Prime Video is very different.The Netflix vs. pricing model Amazon Prime Video is very different.

The Netflix pricing model is simple: it has three levels: Basic ($ 9 per month), Standard ($ 13 per month) and Premium ($ 16 per month). All three give you access to the entire catalog of movies without advertising, television programs and specials. The only differences are the quality of the video and the number of devices that you can use simultaneously. Basic allows a single screen and a definition of 480p. Standard gives you two screens in HD (up to 1080p). Premium allows four devices, with 4K Ultra HD resolution with HDR and Dolby Atmos (if the program or movie is available in these formats).

Amazon Prime Video is easier. An annual membership of $ 99 dollars gives you access to the complete catalog without advertising, in addition to benefits related to purchases and music. This annual membership gives you the highest quality that your TV, streaming device and Internet connection allow you, including 4K Ultra HD with HDR and Dolby Atmos, depending on the movie or the program. All memberships allow you to stream up to three programs, but only on two devices simultaneously.

Since Netflix's most affordable plan is more expensive, on a purely financial basis, this round is won by Amazon Prime Video.

Winner: Amazon Prime Video

Device support

Compatibility is a tighter category between Netflix vs. Amazon Prime VideoCompatibility with other devices is a tighter category between Netflix vs.. Amazon Prime Video

A member does not make much sense if it is not compatible with your devices. Amazon Prime Video is compatible with a wide variety of devices and platforms, including web browsers, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire devices, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and 4, Nintendo Wii U, Various models of Blu-ray players and smart TVs. The only drawback is Chromecast, but this device will soon receive support from Prime Video.

Netflix, as the parent of streaming, has the highest compatibility than any other service. It has support for the same devices as Amazon, but others, including Nintendo 3DS and Windows Phone. Although more evenly matched, this tem is won by Netflix.

Winner: Netflix


netflix vs amazon prime video stranger things season 2 004 720x720HBO

Netflix has thousands of Hollywood movies, television shows, documentaries and specials. But also his original productions, like House of Cards, Stranger ThingsY The Umbrella Academy, have attracted attention. The only content creator that surpasses it is HBO: the fans of game of Thrones, Veep Y Barry they know.

Over the years, Netflix has reduced its film catalog as its series arsenal increases, and its original products explain that growth. With the impending launch of Disney Plus, Netflix is ​​losing some of its most popular movies. In the coming months, the titles of the Marvel, Disney and Star Wars franchise are expected to be exclusive to Disney Plus and / or Hulu. It is unknown how long to allow Netflix to continue with the license of some titles, such as the popular ones. Avengers and the movies of Star wars. But even without these titles, Netflix offers are hard to beat.

Amazon has a larger library of movies and TV shows, according to a recent Reelgood report. More than 12,000 movies dwarf Netflix and Hulu. But size is not everything. Amazon's most recognizable Hollywood movies tend to be older, like Iron man 2, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Y Top gun. And among the good ones, there are many mediocre titles. Amazon has also been investing in its own original content, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Patriot, Jack ryan Y The Man in the High Castle. In the long term it is probably the right strategy, but so far it cannot compete on that platform.

Winner: Netflix

User Experience, Audio and Video

The analysis of the Netflix interface vs. Amazon Prime Video has a clear winner.The analysis of the Netflix interface vs. Amazon Prime Video has a clear winner.

Amazon's interface can be a bit complex. Rod in style from one device to another, with the best experience on your own Fire TV devices, unlike some smart TVs. The web interface for Prime Video is presented as a section within the Amazon online store, rather than a separate portal. The large search bar is correctly located at the top of the screen, but it looks like you're about to search for a product on, and not a movie on Amazon Prime Video. Amazon does not offer multiple user profiles for Prime Video, and its video recommendation engine is not sophisticated.

The video quality is generally very good in Amazon Prime Video, and it is notable that the service does not charge more for the titles available in 4K with HDR and Dolby Atmos. If the content allows it, the soundtracks are offered in Dolby 5.1. However, some people have observed that the quality of Prime Video is variable, even with very fast internet connections.

Netflix has one of the most consistent interfaces, with only slight changes from one device to another, which generally seek to take advantage of the strengths of a platform, such as its applications optimized for mobile devices for Android and iOS. You can have multiple user profiles, each with its own recommendations, an exclusive profile for children, and if you get tired of browsing the categorized content, you can use the search function.

However, it has an obvious drawback: the company insists on automatically showing you the previews when you change the focus to a new movie or show a thumbnail. Many can be distracting or even disturbing, and you cannot deactivate them. Not all titles have a preview, but the most recent or any Netflix original always includes it.

The video and audio quality on Netflix is ​​excellent. The company has mastered the art of adjusting video compression to match the speed of your Internet connection, so, unless you intentionally change the quality of the video, you should get a sharp image and sound, especially if you have Premium plan Like Amazon Prime, Dolby 5.1 surround sound is available for most movies and shows, unless Dolby Atmos is offered as a higher level.

With audio and video of the best quality, as well as a user interface that we love (despite the previews), Netflix also imposes itself on Amazon.

Winner: Netflix

Live TV and additional

Amazon Prime Video offers you more additional services than Netflix.Amazon Prime Video offers you more additional services than Netflix.

One of the attractive elements of Netflix is ​​that it is a comprehensive proposal: the monthly price gives you access to everything. But if you are cutting your cable, you may want to fill the space left by your old cable subscription.

Amazon Prime Video gives you access to two types of premium content not included in the annual $ 99 dollar membership. You can rent or buy movies and classics at prices as low as $ 4 dollars, and also subscribe to cable networks like HBO, Starz and CBS All Access. These channels often offer the option of watching live programs, as they will normally be transmitted by cable or satellite, in addition to the fact that you can access all the content on demand after the initial broadcast date. Prices vary, but for those who simply want to have HBO and do not want a separate application it can be attractive.

With Amazon Prime you can also access free content, thanks to the recent acquisition of IMDB by Amazon and its Freedive streaming service, with advertising support. Any resident in the United States can access Freedive, but having everything in one interface is an advantage.

Nor should you overlook that a Prime member has other benefits, such as the free delivery of many Amazon products, Prime Music, an excellent music streaming service and unlimited photo storage, to name a few. Since Netflix has no extras to talk about, the winner is clear.

Winner: Amazon Prime Video

Conclusion: Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video

Netflix vs. Amazon Prime VideoNetflix vs. Amazon Prime Video What is the best?

There is a reason why Netflix has more subscribers than any other video streaming service. It's a fantastic way to watch movies and TV shows without advertising, and the company's investments in original and licensed content mean that there will always be something worth watching. If it is important for you to access the best selection of video content, delivered through a well thought out interface, between Netflix vs.. Amazon Prime Video the first is the best option.

However, even basic Netflix can affect your budget, so if you have an Amazon Prime membership, it makes perfect sense to keep it. If you are not sure what to choose between Netflix vs. Amazon Prime Video, we will say both. Having some streaming services (at least) is quite usual, allowing you to venture into all kinds of movies and TV shows for an excellent entertainment experience.

Updated by Mara Teresa Lopes on July 12, 2019.

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