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We explain how to make watermarks for photos

Do you strive to take and edit your photographs? Do you get very angry when people steal your photos on the Internet, without thanking you or the credit? For everything there is a solution. Although many times it seems unattractive, the truth is that watermarks for photos are an excellent option to protect them. Therefore, we want to show you how to make a watermark for your photos. We will show you the different methods and models, going from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

watermarks for photos

The fastest and easiest way

The easiest way to add some type of copyright to your image is to use a tool that allows you to place a text as simple as your name, which you can do with any simple photo editing program, which includes up to Microsoft Paint This watermark is extremely simple and personalized, since you can decide whether to write it discreetly in a corner, with a small font, or if you want to dare to do it throughout the photograph is your decision! Although this method may not be as attractive, it is the fastest and easiest way to add a watermark. If you are sending a set of tests for a customer to select the images they want to print, this tool could be excellent. However, if you want a cleaner and more professional approach, you will surely find the answer below.

Online tools

Without a doubt, another way to make watermarks for an extremely easy photo is through an online tool like PicMarkr. With this program, you can upload up to five photos, or take them out of Flickr or Facebook and then have the opportunity to choose between three watermark options that are: text, image or mosaic. The text watermark is very similar to the one described above, while the image watermark places another image (such as a logo) on top of the original and, of course, you must change the size.

The only problem with this type of PicMarkr watermark is that it does not allow you to choose the opacity of the secondary image, so you cannot combine it with the original photo. Finally, but not least, is the mosaic watermark, with which you place a text or an image on the entire original image.

There is also another online watermark tool, which is very easy to use and its name is PicMark. And do not worry that we have not confused, this is his name, only that it is very similar to the one presented above.

PicMark takes a cleaner approach by creating a frame around an image. The only bad thing is that there are many malicious people who could edit your photo and remove the water frame quietly, leaving the photo in a more closed plane and without your credits.

However, if these tools do not seem very useful or static, do not worry, because there is also in the online, an application that offers you more freedom, as it allows you to drag a text or image watermark to Anywhere in the photo.

To make matters worse, it also allows you to adjust the font, color and opacity of the image. Definitely, if you want a more professional online watermark tool,, is a great option. Take advantage of it and try it! is another option to make a watermark your photos from your browser. What distinguishes this site is that all work is done locally, which means that none of its contents are transferred to your servers, which adds an additional layer of privacy.

Desktop software

Another very interesting option to create watermarks in your photos is through software, which you can download easily. Although this tool offers functions similar to those of online, in these you do not need an internet connection, which can make your process faster and also save your photos to your local disk. much safer! There are currently a large number of software, which offer similar features and can be free or paid.

One of them is Alamoon Watermark, which allows you to crop and resize a photo, adjust the image quality and use a variety of image formats. Other very good alternatives are TSR Watermark and uMark, which has a free version with limited functionality, so try it and without investing money!

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However, we recommend that before downloading new software, check what you have on your computer, because many times without knowing it, you have installed certain programs that offer you the function of creating watermarks, such as IrfanView. This popular image viewer for Windows has an integrated watermark feature. Did you know? On the other hand, there is also Photoshop Elements that offers an easy way to create watermarks and many people do not even imagine that it has this function.

Using a photo editor

If your photo editing software does not offer a watermark function and you do not want to download a new one, or the online tools are too simple for you, do not worry, because you have the option to customize your watermarks using software editing images such as Photoshop, GIMP or Pixelmator. And here we explain how to use them in a very basic way!