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We explain everything about Netflix Roulette and how it works

what is Netflix Roulette

Are you tired of reviewing the same Netflix suggestions for the last time? We all know that feeling: moving through endless rows of the same programs and previous films until fatigue begins to settle, and suddenly nothing that is offered looks good. Fortunately, there is now Netflix Roulette.

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The truth is that those of us who use Netflix regularly know that it is not very likely that we will see too many new recommendations, all thanks to an algorithm that decides what we might like. Sometimes they even want to go back to the old days of television, when you turn on your TV and a list of completely random possibilities appears. That, precisely, becomes Netflix Roulette: a practical tool available through a website called Reelgood that can help you escape the bump of ?Netflix recommendations.

What is Reelgood?

Before entering Netflix Roulette, those interested in that tool may also want to know about their parent company, Reelgood (the impatient can move on to the next section). Reelgood was launched in 2015 as a kind of application focused on movies, but finally pivoted towards the model you see today, which is essentially a massive search repository that allows users to find series and movies filtered by any of the services of streaming to use

Some transmission devices (such as Roku) offer you cross-platform searches, which is incredible, but Reelgood takes you to another level, allowing you to add filters based on the genus, IMDb score, Rotten Tomatoes rating, or even date launch

It is not necessary to create an account to use the Netflix Roulette function, but it is not a bad idea to do so, in case you want to use the Reelgood search tool. Simply link through Facebook or sign up with a name, email and password. Once you have an account, click on the small purple icon in the upper right corner to select your platform streaming.

By default, you will have access to the ?Free Fonts Package,? which includes content from services such as Fox, CBS, and Crackle (eye: these may have auto play ads, but at least they are free). Click on each service you are subscribed to (or on each platform you wish to include in the search), and then click on save. The next time you search, add movies, programs or series from each of the selected platforms. When you choose a movie or series, Reelgood will offer you direct viewing links for each selected platform, so you can go directly to your movie or program.

And what about Netflix Roulette?

Netflix Roulette was born in 2014 when 18-year-old Andrew Sampson (codeusasoft, in Reddit) got tired of surfing Netflix in search of something new. Then, I built a basic web application that allows users to choose a genre and format (be it movie, series or TV shows) before pressing the "Rotate" button (Spin), which randomly selects something to see, clearly adjusted to the search criteria.

Despite its extremely basic capabilities, Netflix Roulette became a kind of phenomenon, and remains a common tool for many Netflixers until today. In 2017, Reelgood contacted Sampson regarding the Roulette API, all hoping to work on a similar tool on the website, although he later ended up acquiring Roulette rights, since Sampson said he was not interested in continuing with the service.

Date night

In early 2019, Reelgood released a version ?Date Night? of his Roulette tool that limited his library of suggestions to romantic movies, which offers an easy way to find the perfect selection.

The Netflix Roulette Date Night Edition allows users to see the movie's IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, and then turn to get a recommendation. Logging in with your Reelgood account allows you to select other streaming services along with or in addition to Netflix from a group of romantic movies.

* Article updated July 29, 2019 by Mara Teresa Lopes.

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