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Walmart plans to use drones to take orders home from consumers Updated

Cover page Walmart plans to use drones to take orders home from consumers

The largest retail store in the world has been conducting drone tests for several months to take products home to buyers. This means that the company plans to compete directly with Amazon in the use of drones for online order delivery.

The store has already submitted an application to the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to obtain the necessary permission to investigate with drones and use them to make deliveries to customers at Walmart facilities, as well as consumer homes, reports Reuters.

Both Amazon and Google and other companies have begun to test drones intensely in anticipation of a possible regulation of the commercial use of these devices by the FAA.

Walmart spokesman Dan Toporek said that the use of drones is taken very seriously and that as soon as they obtain authorization they will begin to mobilize to deploy the delivery of drone products throughout the country.

Drones have a lot of potential to connect our wide chain of stores, distribution centers, refueling centers and fleet of transport vehicles. 70% of the population of the United States has a Walmart store less than five miles (8 km), which creates some quite unique and interesting possibilities to serve consumers with drones, Toporek said.

The drones that the company has been testing are of the DJI brand, the Chinese manufacturer of the popular Phantom professional drone range. Its last drone model is the DJI Phantom 3, capable of recording videos at 4K and moving up to 2 km away from the owner without losing control of the device at any time.

It will still take several years until we begin to see drones flying above our neighborhood as if they were simple cars. Definitely be an interesting sight.

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