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Virgin Galactic presents its new spacecraft, the VSS Unity Updated

Cover page Virgin Galactic presents its new spacecraft, the VSS Unity

After a year of the unfortunate flight accident, Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic today unveiled the new spacecraft that will replace the spoiled SpaceShip Two, the Virgin SpaceShip (VSS) Enterprise.

Looking silver and white and pulled by a Land Rover to be presented to the public, Professor Stephen Hawking himself was the one who called her VSS Unity through a recorded message.

Credit: Virgin GalacticCredit: Virgin Galactic

At the ceremony held at the Virgin Galactic spaceport in Mojave, California, the founder of Virgin Galactic, the company's partners, Richard, his mother Eva, his son Sam and his one-year-old granddaughter Eva Deia were present, He made the royal christening of the new tourist spaceship using milk instead of the traditional champagne.

Professor Hawking said that if I am able to go and fly on this ship, I will be very proud to do so. We are entering a new aerospace era and I hope this project will help create a new unit.

spaceshiptwo-unity-9Credit: Virgin Galactic

The presentation also showed congratulatory videos of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize Malala Yousafzai

According to Virgin Galactic, the new ship is the first vehicle manufactured entirely by Virgin Galactic. The unit undergoes extensive tests on Earth before testing begins on its mothership, WhiteKnightTwo, on an unspecified date. The tests to which the vehicle is subjected will be sliding, speed and altitude increase, before the first attempt to send the spacecraft into a suborbital path.

According to Richard Branson, this ship brings with it a way to make the space accessible in a way that nobody had dreamed before.

spaceshiptwo-unity-8Credit: Virgin Galactic

Around 10:07 PDT on October 31, 2014, the VVS Enterprise (SS2-001) broke into the air 13 seconds after she had detached from WhiteKnightTwo's nurse sunave, resulting in the death of co-pilot Michael Alsbury and serious injuries to the pilot Peter Siebold, which was launched when the ship disintegrated. This fatal accident occurred in the 55th flight test of the ship.

The spacecraft uses a hybrid system to propel itself in a suborbital path to outer space. The key to this design is a pen system for reentry.

The subsequent investigation conducted by the Avian Federation concluded that the accident was due to an Alsbury error, which activated the tail tube 14 seconds ahead of schedule.

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