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Unity 7 follow us on Ubuntu 18.04, as Mark Shuttleworth explains

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<p>After receiving the different news we have had in recent days, Ubuntu users have already called the news as the news of the Year in GNU / Linux. So much so that the famous distribution leader has had to give a press conference about the new changes. Doubts about what to do with Unity 7 or <strong>how to be the change for users who use Unity 7 in the LTS distribution</strong>. These questions have been answered leaving really hopeful headlines.</p><div class=

What stands out most of all is the fact that Unity continue to be present in the Ubuntu repositories, so, even if it is not the main desktop, we can download and install it. With this we will be able to choose what we want to have in our computers, which will allow us to choose the desktop on which we move.

We will continue to use Unity 7 if we want thanks to the repositories

Shuttleworth has clarified that Users with the Ubuntu 16.04 version will change their desktop with the next Ubuntu LTS version. In Canonical they are working so that the process is the least abrupt and that it can be pleasant for everyone, being a clean and trouble-free process for the user of the most famous GNU / Linux distribution in the world.

The service provided by the graphic interface remains Mir, but the development slows down, thus admitting the arrival of Wayland, a graphic server that has been chosen by many users, distributions and official flavors of Ubuntu. Although many questions remain about the new direction of Ubuntu, the truth is that many of the users feel much calmer knowing that Unity can be installed at certain times, when they want.

In this way, users who do not want to use the Gnome Shell, may choose to install Unity or any desktop we want at that time. In any case, we will not be able to know anything about the future versions or about the novelties to bring, although the truth is that as time goes by, we are knowing new things about the future of Ubuntu. Instalars Unity in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or do you prefer GNOME Shell?

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