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Twitter introduce the possibility of following hashtags

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<p><strong>Twitter for Android works in a multitude of new features</strong> For the application. In September, the dark mode will finally come to the application, as confirmed by the company. A new function is revealed that we can expect will arrive shortly, which will be the possibility of following hashtags.</p><div class=

This is a function that promises be similar to the one we have on Instagram, which also allows us to follow a specific hashtag that interests us. In the case of Twitter, hashtag is essential in the application, so it can be a function of great interest in this case.

Twitter is already testing with this function in its version for Android. So in a few months it would be something that will be officially launched in the application. Although so far no dates have been mentioned, so we will have to wait until after the summer to be able to use it.

You will be able to post longer tweets on Twitter from September 19

At the moment, because it is in the testing phase, it only allows to follow certain hashtag. While the idea of ​​it is that users in the social network can follow all those hashtags that they consider of interest. This will allow them to always be up to date on a specific topic and the latest news.

It is a change of importance for Twitter, although it is about a function that surely many users see with good eyes. Since it is an additional way to always be up to date on certain topics. Or know what is being said about a specific topic that is of interest at a given time.

So we will have to wait a little longer to follow some hashtag from Twitter It will surely be announced when the function is already available or ready to be used. So we hope to have some official news from the popular social network soon. What do you think about this function?

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