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Tutorial to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

Tutorial to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp, is an extremely useful application, and that is something that we certainly cannot deny, because we keep communicating at all times with our loved ones thanks to this app. The issue is that a problem that has always existed with WhatsApp and that possibly continues to exist, is the little possibility we have to customize, even if it is a bit such an app, it is a big problem that many people do not like. But today you can learn it with this Tutorial to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

Luckily there is a modified WhatsApp app called WhatsApp Plus, with which you can modify absolutely the entire application without leaving anything random, so you will have the opportunity to download it quickly today.

Tutorial to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

You have to keep in mind that WhatsApp Plus has a lot of advantages; as the possibility to select among the more than 700 different designs to leave 100% personalized every corner of WhatsApp, and I mean that in this way we can modify everything from fonts, sizes, bars, and much more!

In turn you have to keep in mind that you can send files much heavier than in the original app, In this way you do not have to be selecting for example a part of a video or simply send a compressed image where you lose the quality of the original. With WhatsApp Plus that remains in the story.

Undoubtedly the advantages of this app are many, although it is difficult to install it, and I repeat, a little nothing else. We have written a kind of Wikipedia About WhatsApp Plus that you can see in this link where we give you all the necessary details about this app.

Tutorial to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

Unfortunately this app is not official, so it cannot be found in the Play Store and in reality in any store anywhere. In case WhatsApp is not exactly happy that this app that was downloaded by 36 million people exists and is circling the net.

Learn to Download and Install WhatsApp Plus

Therefore, if you want to enjoy all the advantages that WhatsApp Plus has, you have no choice but to install it on your mobile and now, Remember that it is essential that you have the official application uninstalled before attempting to install this app.

Remember that you have to use it at your own risk since in case WhatsApp detects that you are using another app that is not theirs can block your account, so keep this detail in mind before continuing with the installation of WhatsApp Plus, it is important that you know it because you can even lose that number and never use it again in the app. And remember again that I have already warned you about this topic.

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