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Try Maxthon Web Browser, one of the fastest browsers on the market

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<p>If you are one of those <strong>surf the net without stopping</strong> And you're a bit bored of traditional browsers, maybe it's time to try something different. Today we bring you a browser that has a <strong>excellent consideration by Android users</strong>, there is more to see than has a <strong>average score on Google Play of 4.5 points</strong>. In addition to Android devices, you can use it on iOS or on Windows terminals, although we have tested it on a OnePlus One Ceramic with Android.</p><div class=

Download and install Maxthon Web Browser

You can download it directly from Google Play. The application has a light size of only 9.4 MB and it has been recently updated (February 2), including some very interesting improvements. The version we have installed corresponds to the v4.5.7.1000, and the requirements to test it are minimal, only Android 2.2 or higher.

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<h2>Maxthon Web Browser Options</h2>
<p>Perhaps one of the things we like most is that it allows you to effectively browse the web pages and <strong>load them in a very fast way</strong> since it uses very <strong>few CPU resources</strong> and therefore a lower consumption of the battery. The interface is very clean, so you get a clear and extensive view of the navigation screen. <strong>What does this browser offer us?</strong> We will discuss some of the most interesting options:</p>
<p>In the same way that the Google Chrome browser does, it has <strong>bookmark sync</strong> to be able to use it in conjunction with your desktop version for PC.</p>
<p>The possibility of <strong>block ads</strong>, since it includes the famous tool Adblock Plus (beta), so you avoid intrusive advertising. When an intrusive page is blocked, the Adblock Plus icon will appear in the address bar with the number of blocked ads.</p>
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