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Tricks to win games in Rush Wars more easily

1. Level up? Yes, but not all

We have to goleveling up our troops, and also the laboratory, the town hall and the helicopter. But do it as soon as possible? Better than not, becausego up the town hall level, theHQ, we will make the battles rise in price and, therefore, we find it more difficult to get performance from the games. The key is that this element level up when we have‘Leveled’enough our troops, and when we are going to be able to also face the cost of the level rise of helicopter, to bring the maximum number of troops possible to battle.

2. Each star counts in the defensive game

It is better to have well protecteda building, that the three half protected. If we are not able to protect three to one hundred percent, because our defensive troops do not have enough level, it is best that we focus on protecting a single building. In this way, we will ensure that in each battle against our mine, at least we will passively pass a star. That is, at no cost to us and without even having to play.

3. Collect all the free chests that the game gives you

From time to time you will have, just below yourHQ, one ortwo chests free. Create them as soon as they are available for others to continue appearing. And keep in mind that you only haveone chest per hour when battling, while you need a key and these are regenerated at one per hour. In addition, you also havedefensive chests that will be renewed by the victories against your mine. All this is what allows you to level up your troops.

4. Play as a team to improve the defense of your mine

If you joina clan, and the clan enters wars, you will have adefensive bonus of equipment that will improve progressively. They are additional troops, or elements, that you can place in your mine thanks to team play. And, as is evident, they will help you have a stronger defense to face the attacks of other users. Although it is not a huge help, it will certainly benefit the protection of your base and make you earn more stars.

5. The best troops are not always the most powerful

You may haveSpades troopsin your team; in reality, they are not always the best for battle, because they will allow youdeploy fewer units. The basic soldiers are usually the ideal tool to win, while the jetpack, the tanks, the rocket launchers and similar, isolated, do not have as much endurance. What they have is a lot of damage, but they will last a short time on the battlefield.

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