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Transform your photos into music videos with Flipagram

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<p>The weekend is approaching and today we bring you a <strong>fun proposal, based on image editing</strong>. Is about <strong>Flipagram, an application that will allow you to play with your photos to turn them into small videos and send them to your friends or share on social networks</strong>.</p><div class=

Surely you want to surprise someone or you want to give a special touch to your images, for this it is necessary to use an image editor. There are hundreds of applications in this aspect, of which we recommend: Adobe Photoshop Fix for iOS, the image editor to create fantastic effects on Mac called Deep Dreamer or the fantastic Camu for Android.

Flipagram can be used on several platforms: Android, iOS and Windows and we are going to comment on the proposal for Android that is what we have tried.

Download and install Flipagram

As simple as going to Google Play to download the application. Has been recently reviewed and updated (December 8), occupies a space of 21.25 MB in the terminal and has already exceeded 10 million downloads. Is free, but it has integrated products that can be purchased for 0.81 (like music).

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<p>Once downloaded it is already <strong>ready to use, and the truth is that its use is very simple and intuitive</strong>.</p>
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