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Tools to manage social networks in a small business

If you have a small business and want to know more, you must advertise it through social networks, at least in the most popular: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. In this way, you not only increase the visibility of your business, you also listen to your customers and attract more traffic, among other benefits. There are some tools to manage social networks that facilitate this work, for example, with the possibility of programming publications, if you do not want to hire a specialist in social networks. Next, we tell you what are the programs that we liked most specifically for social media management in small businesses.


tools to manage social networks

Buffer is the favorite social media management tool for many small businesses and for good reason. It has a large number of features, separated into three categories: publish, respond and analyze. The Publish feature allows you to schedule the messages that will be posted to your social media accounts. The Reply feature helps you keep track and respond to comments and responses in your posts. This is an excellent way to add customer service capabilities to each of your social media accounts effortlessly. The Analyze feature collects all your participation, growth, sales and reach data so that it is easy to see where your social media campaigns are going and how you need to work to improve.

Although the publication with three social media accounts is free, all other functions are part of packages for levels that can cost between $ 15 and $ 225 dollars per month. These different packages can be complicated, unfortunately, and you will need to obtain a separate package for each category (they include all the features, but you have to contact them for more information and a quote). Buffer also offers a free browser extension that allows you to share messages from other people you find online with your own feeds


tools to manage social networks

Crowdfire is very similar to Buffer. You can use it to schedule messages on social networks, keep track of how each post goes and interact with your followers. However, it is a bit more limited in terms of features. Since Buffer packages are so confusing, that could be a good thing. The free package allows you to connect up to five accounts to the system and schedule up to 10 messages per account at any time. Advanced packages range from around $ 7 dollars to $ 75 dollars per month. These packages include advanced features such as the ability to analyze your competitor's data or respond to mentions.

The best thing about Crowdfire is that it offers a content management system. If you can't think of anything to post, you can select some topics that your followers may be interested in, and then the tool will offer you some messages that you might want to share.


tools to manage social networks

Hootsuite takes the simplicity of Crowdfire packages and mixes them with the large number of features Buffer offers. From the programming of the publications to the follow-up of the commitment, the comments and the data of the followers, this site has it all. Like Buffer, it also has a free browser extension that allows you to share messages from various multimedia platforms. It even has a multimedia library where you can get free photos for your publications.

What really distinguishes Hootsuite is its Stream tool. Stream is a feed constantly updated that helps you keep track of comments from your followers and those hashtags most popular that are fashionable in your sector. You can also integrate applications that you already use, such as Asana, Adobe Stock and Trello in the Stream so you can do more things in a single panel. It also allows you to create draft messages and save them in a folder for later work.

The free package allows you to connect up to three social profiles and two integrations of feeds RSS You also get $ 100 dollars of advertising expenses per month to increase the reach of your ad. Your payment packages range from $ 29 to $ 600 per month.

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