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Tips and tricks: Huawei Y9 2019 – Huawei P Smart 2019 – Honor 10 Lite

Today brands like Huawei and Honor are bringing to our country mid-range devices with good features that are worth trying. In today's note we will show you some tips so you can make better use of these devices and others that also have EMUI 8.2 / 9.0 customization layer. Without further ado, let's go to the information.

Screenshot with Gestures

We consider this tip more than anything for the care of our buttons and make your useful life increase by avoiding its use for our captures. For this we have to go to Settings-> Smart Assistant-> Control Movements-> Capture with three fingers. We see how to activate this option it will be very easy to obtain the image with just swipe down on the screen with three fingers and then be able to share it where we want.

Hide the notch

We know that this section is loved by many and hated by many others. Well, for the latter there is a very simple solution. Just go to Settings-> Display-> More Display settings-> Notch. Here we can find an option that allows us to select the applications in which we want the notch to be displayed or definitely mark the option so that it disappears completely from the screen as the devices looked before.

Calibrate screen colors

Basically with this option we can regulate the display of colors on the device screen. Just go to Settings-> Display-> Temperature and color mode and choose if we want more vivid, warm, cold colors or manually configure the colors we want to highlight more by means of the chromatic circle. For example, you can use the warm color mode for when you use the device at night and take more care of your eyesight.

Application Drawer

It is well known that by default EMUI places all our apps on multiple screens, but at the same time it allows us to have an application drawer in case we are used to that function. We'll go to Settings-> Main screen and wallpaper-> Main screen style. Being here we only choose the application drawer option, we apply for EMUI to restart and it will be ready even with the application search function.

Screen Gestures

With this option we will get rid of the typical navigation buttons to make use of the gestures that are included in the latest version of Android Pie 9.0. To activate them we will Settings-> System-> System Navigation and being here we activate the gesture option. Once this is finished, the bottom bar disappears and for example, if we slide up from the bottom we will have the function of Home; when opening an app and sliding to the side from the right we will have the back function and when sliding from below and pressing we will enter the multitasking.

Instant Photo

This trick will allow you to take a photo quickly without having to unlock the device and open the application. To do this you just have to go to the configuration section in the camera application and in the last option configure as a Quick Snapshot. Thanks to this you will be able to take a photo immediately by means of two quick touches on the Volume button below.

Screen Recording

For all those who like to record tutorials or gameplays of their favorite video games EMUI offers the possibility to record the screen of the device without having to resort to external applications. Sliding the toggles of the notification bar we will find the section of the screen and simply by pressing us to ask the permissions to record and then find the video in our gallery that includes the audio also of what we talk about at the moment.


Artificial intelligence is a section that is already quite common in these devices and in regards to the camera it is a great help for taking better photographs. Simply activate the AI ​​option in our camera so that the scene detection Do your thing and we can have photographs with a more vivid focus or colors depending on the scene we want to capture. It is certainly a great section in these terminals.

And well, this would be all our tips for Huawei and Honor devices. We hope you find it helpful to make your user experience much better. We leave you the video of the channel in case you want to see each one in more detail. Do not forget to leave your opinion in the comment box.

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