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This is the new LEGO Star Wars game that will only be released for mobile

Saga LEGO Videogames is a saga with more than 20 years behind it. A saga already formed and with many followers and fans of this type of games.

So it is normal to see how LEGO is launching more and more games for Android, since it is one of the game platforms that have grown the most in recent years.

Other games of different sagas (Star Wars included) have already been released for Android, and we see this going to more.

And now LEGO Star Wars Battles has been confirmed. But … What does this game offer us? When will we see it? We tell you.

Star Wars Battles The new LEGO game for Android

The idea of ​​LEGO Star Wars Battles is simple. It is a mobile game that combines fighting, character collection. The game is a tower defenese,that is, it consists in defending your tower and overthrowing the enemy. All this added to the humor and the typical characteristics of the LEGO saga.

You can also build towers or barriers with LEGO pieces to help you defend yourself against enemy troops.

You will have to build your own army to overthrow the enemy. You will have up 40 characters to choose from, like vehicles, troopers, etc. And you can combine them as you want, improve them and create your indestructible army.

LEGO Star Wars Battles

Characters like Darth Vader, Boba Fett or Yoda will have their own unique skills that you can use on the battlefield to gain advantage over the opponent. Discover the powers of each character to create a strategy to your liking.

And you will need to know the strategies, since The game is online.So you will have to face other players in combat to show who is the one who knows the most about strategy and who is the one who has polished his army most before the battle.

The maps are based on famous locations that have been seen in the movie saga, so the most fans of the saga will feel at home.

So … Are you ready to create your army? To collect all the characters that the game offers to collect? Well, you'll have to wait.

Yes, that's right, we know that the game looks great and you want to play it, but eThe game will come out during the course of 2020. It is not known yet a date. But if you want while you wait you can take a look at our recommendations of best strategy games for Android.

Do you want to do it? We will inform you!

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