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They want to sue this youtuber kid for deceptive advertising

  • The youth’s YouTube channel influencer It already has more than 21 million followers

  • Prior to this controversy, Ryan ToysReview signed an advertising agreement with the Colgate brand

  • Several studies suggest that the most popular content on the platform is directed and starred by children

One of the most interesting sub-disciplines in marketing is the content marketing. It makes sense to be so popular among advertisers. In data compiled by OptinmonsterIt is not only one of the most effective methods to advertise a business. It is also used by half of the marketers to reach their target audiences. Neil Patel He says that, although it costs 62 percent less than traditional techniques, it is three times more effective.

In addition, thanks to the broad definition of content, there are countless resources that can be used in brand advertising strategies. For example, many brands have chosen to climb viral trends such as memes to generate links with your audience. Also content like podcasts Y studies They can be used to publicize a brand. Even a well-nourished and updated blog They can have a great Return on Investment (ROI).

However, advertising through the content is not free of controversy. Some consumers may feel cheated when they discover that a piece of entertainment or information has the ultimate goal of selling a product. In this sense, many authorities throughout the world have implemented strict rules to transparent these practices. Especially when the materials and resources are made by creators and influencers independent.

A lawsuit for deceptive advertising

This week, one of the creators of content marketing Younger and more prolific YouTube is getting involved in a huge controversy. In accordance with Adge, the Truth in Advertising (TINA) organization plans to file a lawsuit against youtuber child Ryan ToysReview. The institution points out that its channel uses deceptive advertising in its commercial messages. Point out that your target audience are clearly young preschoolers.

The organization points out that, although adults end up buying the toys they promote, they are not their main audience. In that sense, he believes that his advertising does not meet the appropriate transparency requirements. TINA reaffirms that the connection between Ryan ToysReview and the brands is not communicated clearly and clearly so that it is easily understood by the target audience. The youtuber's father rejected the accusations.

Transparency, infuencers, content and brands

It is not the first time a brand is accused or influencer of not clearly expressing your business relationship to consumers. In last june, the authorities of the United States (USA) fined several young people and brands of electronic cigarettes for misleading advertising. Weeks later, United Kingdom tightened its parameters on what people are considered celebrities or not. This, for several promotional messages from an Instagram user.

Again, the biggest problem of advertising with the authorities is the lack of transparency. This same problem is that which afflicts companies, brands and platforms that use large databases to segment the audience and serve personalized advertisements. The simplest solution for industry agents will be to clearly express any relationship and business activity. In this way, regulators can be removed from above.

In addition, this higher level of transparency will not necessarily scare audiences away. Perhaps some brands may think that, if users clearly notice that they consume advertising, content marketing will be less effective. The truth is that the public is always willing to continue seeing publications as long as they are of good quality. You could even have a boost in brand reputation if you are more honest with the public.

The point is that you compare them, influencers, platforms and advertisers must take away the fear of telling the truth. Advertising does not have to be built from lies or obscure the facts. Effective transparent campaigns can be made, regardless of industry or channel.


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