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The Xbox One Elite Controller controller can now be used on Android

When you are playing Android with a game controller, especially one of consoles known as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 what the software does isremapEach button when pressed. That is why not all controls work correctly, because if any of the buttons do not have information, the control will not work properly when we are playing.

Xbox One Elite Controller

Xbox One Elite Controller for Android

Microsoft launched the Elite Controller for its Xbox One a while ago. A command focused on professional players or game enthusiasts. With programmable levers in the rear, greater precision in the crosshead and many hours of battery life. And now we can use it to play with our Android.

It is important to note thatis the Xbox Elite Controller Series 1The one that works now with Android. Since in this E3 of 2019 the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 was presented. It is not supported yet, although we hope to see it shortly.

The 1698 model of this command has been the one that has received support from AOSP (Android Open Source Project), that means that from now on almost any mobile should have support for this command.

Anyway in this case you will have to use it goes USB,and you won't be able to take advantage of the wireless possibilities of the Elite remote.

More commands available for Android

But it seems that Google has put the batteries and it is not only this model that has support as a novelty. It seems that the original Xbox One wireless controller models 1537 Y 1708 can be used goes USB and goes Bluetooth, so if you own one of these controls (which is much more possible than the Elite, due to its price and because they are the models that usually come with the console), you're lucky, you can use it with your Android phone.

What do you think? Will you play with your Xbox One controller with your Android? Or do you prefer to adapt to touch controls and not worry about carrying it? Tell us in comments if you have any of the models of these controls with support!

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